Monday, December 22, 2008

dandelion wishes

~ Dandelion Wishes ~

The child within wishes to play

She dreams dreamily of another day

A time when wishes were blown in the wind

On dandelion seeds

Of white and green

Green being her favorite color

To her the color of joy

Spreading its charm

Across the canvas

In her magical landscape

Painted with the hands

Of an artist past

An artist her soul knows

As if knowing herself

She dreams dreamily

Of another day

On dandelion wishes...

~~ Calli 2008

This is another one from early 2008.

image source: dandelions by ewa


Tracey-Ann said...

This is so beautiful and whimsical, Calli. Ohh, the enchantment of childhood dreams. What a magical time and place. Beautifully written!

Rainbow dreams said...

so beautiful - I can never stop myself from wishing on dandelion wishes... reminds me of daisy chain making too, love this image, Katie

Calli said...

Thank you, Tracey and Katie for such great comments. It truly is a beautiful thing when as children we learn so many magical and special little things such as making dandelion wishes. The trick is keeping that magic alive!