Saturday, October 24, 2009

turning inward...

Tears turning inward

flooding her insides
as her heart becomes inflamed
with a hurt so deep
so dark
charred by an absence
of love, 
of respect,
of care...
of him...

Tears turning inward
filling her mind
her heart
her spirit ~ with the deepest pain
in the darkest place
in the deepest way...

Tears turning inward
for they have nowhere else to go
heart dying inside turning black
scorched by her burning tears

deceased being
deceased heart
deceased love

deceased from the fragile state 
that IT
once was
 for love ceased to be what was thought
the path was decided for her
and there was no 
chance for her, 
for them.

fate? decided that it was not okay 
and not okay for her to express 
her thoughts, her feelings, so she held them at bay
until they had no choice but to move inward
as no outward release could be found...

...what decided this?
she had no part...

she is left with
Tears turning inward.


As you slipped into the darkness
your soul cried out for the chains
to be pried from their grip that
held and
suffocated your being

this crinoline steel-like web that's cast itself
to the winds 
to the deepest darkest places

where life has no chance to be,
to survive

what else is there to
this dance of damning qualities
within, without...

where  life has turned
brought a wickedness
from below

levels deep
hidden in disparaging thoughts

that forever drown
who she wants to be...


image source: Tears_of_stone_III_In_memoriam_by_aphostol


Chuck Dilmore said...

mind and pen,


Laura said...

Calli, I love the heart that pours itself into the describing of the do it absolutely beautifully. You are an amazing artist of the highest caliber...I adore your works! Love and Light always and may you always be blessed with faith and hope... that all is as it should be. SOS

Steve E. said...

Yep it's me, Steve again! This time Calli, you hit the bull's eye for PG's daughter, I copied your poem TEARS TURNING INWARD for her.

She came out to my room and we both cried since your words meant Soooo much to her...and to me.

Dulce said...

I love it... as you know this relates so much to me my dear friend *Tears turning inward for they have nowhere else to go...*

The second is great too , i see it flowing with your thoughts as it comes... so only YOU can really understand... That's what poetry is supposed to be about!!
Love xoxoxxo

Shadow said...

"charred by an absence
of love" this is my absolute favourite line. to descriptive, so lost.... got your muse back calli? i believe so...

Cynthia said...

Calli, this poem is soooo sad.
A woman drenched from the inside,
with tears of pain and lost.
The refrain mimicing the rhythm
of steady tears.

My goodness, did you dye your hair
brown? This color really brings out
your soulful eyes.

My eternal question: Is love fragile or is love strong?

The Artist Within Us said...

When there is no love, no warmth or human touch, one does wither away, suffering a very slow agonizing death.

The touch of another, the warmth of the body keeps the spirit alive. Such a simple gift and so hard to find . . . .

Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing

Deb Kirkeeide said...

There is such a depth of emotion in your work.
So strong at times it makes me want to send you a hug!

If only I could write like this to express my own state of affairs lately! Not even the paint brush gets me there right now...hard to paint it when I can't even describe it!

SarahA said...

I have no words, really. Just know, I think yours beautiful.