Saturday, October 17, 2009

awakening the Muse ...a 5 for 1

she wanted

so she waited
she never quite knew which way the
wind would fashion itself next...
but she held on.

was she misguided to believe? 

through trial and error
she sequestered her thoughts...
no one would ever know the depth
of her knowledge
she's had no choice but to remain silent
she is aware of unspoken motives
she is aware of the said and the unsaid

 her gift? or more accurately ~
her burden

her silence
her silence

 she hides behind this knowledge
she cannot open the wound 
until she knows she can have 
 the purity and honesty
that she lives for

death of faith
death of faith

let down
disenchanted is she,
 from the story 
she lived,
told herself.

how can ones  faith  function and remain intact
in this pool of obscurity?

her heart downtrodden
she moves on from the maize 
that her love has become.

a lover's choice

 her only choice

freedom to love
to be loved in return...
as fortune, will be hers
she will know a love like no other
she will not live behind rules, religion, or the creed
of others' 
only those of her own making

true love...
that is her creed

her religion

your kiss was not a kiss goodbye
yet your kiss remains the reason why

a song of love...a ballad...
lost... found...lost again

your kiss whispered many a tale

a collaboration
of feelings

conceived in the mind,
felt in the heart
leaving an imprint upon the soul

companions in living
 in dying
though never near

imagined then realized by a
fleeting impulse 
as evidence was made

and nothing will ever be the same

thwarted by imposing obligations
a life already lived

elusive wants mixed with
inflated dreams
inflated by your kisses

the ones that

diffused light in darker days...

facets of you
that glisten in the setting Sun

dancing on raindrops 
as rainbows form across the skies

from one end to the other 
i love you!

i found you on one side
and i on the other
as we met in the middle

where forever rainbows reside...

fears have fed hurt to my lover
feeding more hurt to my fears
as uncertainties lay open
before US like a wall made of stone
that lays before the garden 
planted with what if's 
and i told you so's

reverting to a darkened corner 
that is all that can be done

a pregnant pause
as my love for you
streams back & forth
between levels of consciousness

finding myself
letting go
lingering midway
between this heaven and hell
this limbo

yet whatever the Gods deem
will be so...

image source: unknown 


Shadow said...

your muse is back that's for sure... your first one is still echoing in my mind.

Steve E. said...


Calli, I read the whole posting(s) twice. All I can respond with is "WHEW!"
Love and Peace,

Deb Kirkeeide said...

exquisitely beautiful, Calli.

Dulce said...

Ooohh! I am glad to see the muse went far away, because if she was near, oh my!
Do go and hide then come to tell me…as often as you like, please dear.

*Delightful, beautiful, lovely, awesome* are such tiny words for me to describe this work of yours. Wait- I am going to look up my dic(............................. two hours later.............) Sorry! I can’t find the suitable word, it seems they have not invented it yet.

...It’s just the light that shines in my heart every time I read you.
and I feel like a kitty beside this huge lioness!!!

Laura said...

you speak from the depths of my soul also...thank you Calli.

Karen said...

Your must was hiding away somewhere, composing all the time. No loss of inspiration here, Calli! She's back!

Dayne Gingrich said...

So deep... so thoughtful... sooo beautiful, as always!

You definitely have a bright light shining from your soul.


Calli said...

Shadow, Steve, Deb, Dulce, Laura, Karen, Dayne...What can I say, you have all left me the most generous comments. Makes a girl smile! I appreciate it more than you know...especially, when I feel I am lacking in the creative department.

I do have the best in you guys & gals!

I hope to make the rounds soon to visit all of you! :)