Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall from a different angle...

Thought I'd post some pics again because I am oh so depleted in the creative department...my muse, well, he/she
has been intermittent. Not happy when he/she does that...

With that being said, I've captured more fall photos...at least my camera is functioning!
Yes, I love boots! these are  my Jack Sparrow suedes...;)
I have sooo many pairs of boots...
guess you could say I have a boot fetish...;)

the solitude of Fall

tree huggin

this gorgeous clay leaf was made by my son, Logan, in his first grade art class last year. I love it! he did a great job!

walking Fall

see what happens when I've nothin in the art department!
you lucky people get picks of my beloved boots!


Dulce said...

Aw that IS autumn so beautifully captured. I love the photos indeed.
Thanks for posting them.

Calli said...

You are SO kind, Dulce...
Thank you much~ I'm happy you liked the photos...:)

I hope you're smiling today! :)

Karen said...

I love these sort of photos - part of the story, leaving us to imagine the rest.

Here's to the return of the muse - that fickle darling of us all!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Neat shots Calli! Love Logan's clay maple leaf - and, of course, your beautiful boots. I've been missing you!

Steve E. said...

I like your "boot" fetish...don't quite know about that "tree" fetish. Calli, I would think you'd have your arms around a "hunk of trunk" standing on two legs --grin!

Your photos are really stories in each frame. I'd love to know when, where, who, what, why, and other pertinent info. But KEEP THE SHOES in those pics!

BTW, I'm smiling today--in fact, every time I click on your blog I smile.


Midnight Whisperer said...

You made the boots ART ; ) Very Cool. Where can I get a pair?

Catvibe said...

Look at those boots and you in em. I love it! So much fun! Each angle of your foot was like an entire personality.

deepazartz said...

Hey Calli, I am bac after a break.

These are some really nice photos, esp the swing and the leaves. The colours are gorgeous.

Shadow said...

this post is creative in itself calli dear. so many leaves, fallen leaves, and them BOOTS! loooovely!!!

Calli said...

You are all AWESOME, thank you!

Karen~ thanks and yes the muse, that fickle one...;)

Bonnie~ thank you, my son will be happy to hear that you liked his leaf. miss you too, i'll be by soon!

Steve, Steve, Steve~ somebody had to have an arm free to take the picture ;)!!! ...yeah, i love boots, wellies, granny boots, hiking boots, riding boots, my Ugg boots from down under, my fly fishing boots (waders) ...you name it, i love them ~ i own them! thanks, you made me smile too! :)

Midnight Whisperer~ thanks! ...i found these on the clearance rack at Target last winter for $12, not kidding and they are my faves. A size too big, but i didn't care!

Cat~ Thank you my dear Sis! missed you!

deepazartz~ happy you're back! and thank you!

Shadow~ such a nice thing to say dear girl! thank you! it was fun to do...maybe that'll rev up the muse...:)

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Oooohhh - someone else with a boot fetish?? You and I are soul sisters!
Can't have enough of them!

Calli said...

Oooohhh, Deb, then we are indeed soul sisters! very cool!
...I'm overdue for a new pair ;)

Laura said...

Hello my SOS, You do everything with your own flair! Love the pictures! You are my favorite read! I look forward to each and every creative endeavor! Love and Light my friend.

Calli said...

Laura my SOS~ SO Good to see you! You have been missed my friend. I hope all is bright & beautiful in your world.

Thank you for the lovely, (as always) comment...:)

wylde otse said...


Caio Fernandes said...

hi Calli !!!
i loved to have discovered your blog today !!!
thank you for have droped by . it was very kind of you !!
this "fall" post is a gift to the eyes !!

Calli said...

Thank you wylde otse!...:)Hope all is well in your world!

Hi Caio~ Thanks so much for popping in and commenting so generously! It brought a smile and I'm happy you like the 'fall' pics... I'm really hoping my Muse wakes up so that I can finish a proper painting!!!

I'll come by soon to see what you are up to! :)

wylde otse said...

heey, you,ve been working real hard putting much energy out.

your muse (and you) deserve R&R :o)