Friday, October 16, 2009

wherefore art thou muse? ...

muse, oh muse
wherefore art thou muse?

i , stranded with paint and palette in hand, 

wasting away, as my brush has not been
compelled to reach the canvas.

oh muse ye do
paint my thoughts, yes
but that is as far it goes
and words they wander
yet do not flow

oh muse
come back to me

bring forth C R E A T I V I T Y!

 Romeo & Juliet, they had much to whine of
but  I, I in deeper need than even they

Please bring forth C R E A T I V I T Y!

ye are present in these veins
oh muse
and in this blood
but ye are sleeping

on the job
and need to awaken!

or I shall wax and wane with the Moon
and ye fickle one will be deserted and be the one left behind.
 oh muse! ...

Wake Up! 
what'd ya think this is? a paid vacation?

image titled: body_paint...photographer unknown
poking fun at my muse for abandoning me...damn that muse! ;)


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Awww - Muse will return. I think these are the times for our creative juices to recharge. Have faith and hang in there - too much talent residing in you to not have her return!
But yes, in the meantime it is damn frustrating!

Ebb and flow.....

Dulce said...

NOW! You are aware of it. Thus a muse is a muse and even when ispiration seems to have gone it's when it is there for long, long , long. I find it easier to write when- apparently there's nothing to write about.
You see what stanzas you've created fron IT?
Go on, and do it for the sake of it... that's the best inspiration of them Goddess of mine> a #1 fave!
Sweeter HUGS

Laura said...

Oh Calli : ) I know this all to well! I couldn't even come up with a decent comment..and you deserve so much more then just decent! Thanks for waiting patiently for me...and as we all must do with CREATIVITY! you did exactly what was always creative ode and wake up call to your muse. Love and Light and swift return to SOS

Midnight Whisperer said...

Perhaps Muse needs a tall latte, No? Great poem - writing the frustration of having nothing to write about, awesome.

Steve E. said...

Calli Baybeee, you are pulling a "Homer" on us. The same words he used to begin his great epic works, "Tell me O Muse...!" or, in other words: Andra moi ennepe, Mousa polutropon (h)os mala polla...eppi Troi-eis kai plangthaen

(I tried to make the English soundings of the Greek...)

Steve E. said...

Hey, that thing posted before I had a chance to edit...oh well, the world will not be altered too much tomorrow from anything I wrote here!

Calli, you peep, are one of the reasons I got hooked on blogging--and I thank you...(I think!) for that, and for your wonderful contributions to our world here.


Chuck Dilmore said...

your muse sleeps
but still resides
in your insides.

start a work anew
and i wager ye will find
that you muse wakes
only eager to catch up to you!

inside - out!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hello Calli,
I can't imagine your Muse has wandered too far away from you. Call to the moon and speak to the sun. She's there wating I'm sure. xx

laughingwolf said...

perhaps the muse is a mouse? ;) lol