Friday, October 2, 2009

as the skies open...

as the skies open
my soul sighs as I  breathe yet another breath

as a river flows and is never the same twice;
the sky too,  transforms, transcends
clouds move, dance, touch, then move on
forever changed, shapeshifting
into something new...
as do our lives...

i am this one day
i am something else the next
our love is one thing
and becomes yet another
all that can be hoped for is for the next level

to be better
more meaningful
 more beautiful
more enriching

that each day ~ a new way,
a heightened love is achieved
loving into a new place

yet held together
like a luminous

strand of pearls
a gossamer thread that ties, binds
where some part
some element,
forever unchanged
the basis of that love
its beginnings
what brought that love into BEING
~ let that remain
forever intact

~ ~ ~

i remember our beginning
and you touched me deeply...
this is why i love you

this is why in the big scheme of things...
i always will.

all photos by Calli ~ September 2009


Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful writing!
beautiful thoughts, pictures.

you are
in the center
of your perfect circle~

Rispa Frances said...

Beautiful photographs - I love clouds - and beautiful words to match!

wylde otse said...

beautiful, still floating :o)

Midnight Whisperer said...


Steve E. said...

Calli...whoever is the object of these poetic reminiscences. he IS well-loved, or was?

Franz Schubert wrote a passel of love songs, which really are descriptive of his thoughts, yearnings, desires, and ideals--very like your own....well. I do not really know "your own", only from your writing. Which is superb, Calli!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Elevated by the clouds and your words. Thanks Calli.

Catvibe said...

Gorgeous! and I love the interaction with the pictures. Sorry I've been so scarce sis, I've been off the computer far more than on, and THAT is a very good thing. :-) But I miss you.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I think your muse came back.
Beautiful and heartfelt as always.

Dulce said...

You keep writing like angels... flying through and over those clouds... BEautiful- as always- both words and pics!

Cynthia said...

Hello Calli! Your poem is very
spiritual and speaks to the soul
of one who honors divine love as
well as earthly love. At least
that is the beautiful feeling
that came upon me. Thank you.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Sooo beautiful~ both the words and photographs!

Karen said...

I love the language of this - "shapeshifting" absolutely captures that metamorphosis, yet you bring it back to the basic in the end. Great work, as always, Calli.

SarahA said...

That's beautiful, you. Very beautiful.Your pictures equally so.