Wednesday, October 21, 2009

over forty and fabulous...newer painting

over forty and fabulous
11 x 14 acrylic on canvas
Over forty and fabulous
entering the Autumn of her life

she is seasoned
she is perfection
she is wife
mother and child
she is all these things...

she carries her hurts
she lives her joys

she is YOU
she is ME

she lives as if her
has been blissfully set free

she wears a glow
her aura speaks of
life, living, joy, hope and love!

she is over forty

f a b u l o u s!

To ALL my kindred-spirit sisters, whether forty or under, with love...
i  painted this a few weeks ago and have not painted since with the exception of a few sketches.
i am high and dry
my painting Muse is still on vacation,
My birthday was Monday and I got to thinking about us women over forty. 
I think we're pretty fabulous!  and I have met so many of you beautiful and talented ladies here...
~ I'm 46 now and 
blessed with good health, beautiful children,  family and friends, and hopefully, I have many more beautiful years to come!
and I want the same for you!

CHEERS! to ALL of YOU! xx

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Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Calli: All of your work - your art, your words, speak to the heart and reach to the soul.

And here you are giving us a gift on your birthday. Happy Birthday, dear Calli. May this be a productive, fulfilling, healthy year to come.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Happy Birthday dear Calli! It really only gets better as we reach this age and become so much more aware of our true voice. (Speaking with the voice of experience here! Wait till you hit 50!)

Dulce said...

Oh you!!! Happy birthday BEAUTIFUL Woman, 46. Yes Being over forty is much better than I thought and I share your view. You are wonderful. Pretty woman. Best age- no doubt.
Lovely painting... and thank you, for I guess (know) you' ve thought of me as well (hope!!?)
You are alove

Calli said...

Bonnie~ Thank you so much for those beautiful words...and may we all have a beautiful year ahead!

Deb~ Awww, thank you very much! I do believe this is when we find our true voice...well said, and you are one fab 50!

Dulce~ You're incredibly sweet, thank you so much!
Of course, I thought of you! You are also a love.

Happy weekend ladies!

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Calli!

Love the celebration painting.

Cynthia said...

Hey Calli, why not take a page
from Kahlo's book and just continue
to paint yourself, from the inside

Calli said...

Oh, thanks so much, Cynthia! It was a very quiet birthday. Tho, I can't say I wouldn't have preferred a big party! ;)...

Love that, I will always paint from the inside out. In fact, I am using a title very similar to that on a special project.

ps~ yes, I am a brunette now, darker than my 'natural' dark blonde shade. It's been fun! I have 3 different colours weaved in and it gives great dimension! ...

It was my birthday present to me!

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful, Calli!

46 is just gettin' warmed up!
much more in store for ya!


SarahA said...

Age is just a number that society dictates!
Happy Belated Birthday, you. Hope you got to make some special memories you can treasure always.
I am liking your words and picture painted, muchly.


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