Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sweet surrender and such... 3 for 1

bring to me

sweet surrender
that lives within these shades of grey
days of grey
days of grey

i come undone
when you're away
you're away
you're away...

sweet surrender
painful and sweet are you!
sweet surrender
is all i can do...

i come undone
each time your face meets mine
and we stand before this love
i come undone

o' i dream
i dream
i dream

Until the spell is broken
all the while wondering if you're true...

if you're true...

image source: m x 127s by scarabuss

do not take
from me that which is ME

let me always know and be at comfort
with the unknown

for we speak
we share
we commune
we devise
we plan
we exist
we acknowledge

the unknown does not frighten ME
though i have been known to frighten the UNKNOWN

for he or she knows of the Beauty
that i seek...

image source: coh by alex vasilenko

oh, if i were you my love
i would settle in to those feelings,

the unknown
has bequeathed
upon you
and in turn me...
to not bend with such
and dance with awhile, would be
ever so sinful

a gift as this should not be
or displaced.

can't you see this love?
or does it simply
resemble all
others you have seen?
is it different?
something special,
something charmed and magnificent?!
is it ordinary
or extraordinary?!

is is unreal or real?
you tell me my love
lend me your thoughts, love

for mine are laid out like
a platter filled with feast
symbolic of the feast of the gods
that lay at your feet and mine...

shall we partake
what a treat that would make
but as long as we do not forsake

oh my love, where shall we go?
do we flee?
or simply lay it to rest
my love

oh my love


if i were you...

image source:couple+in+cafe...7RGgy4cxidb73efd9qv1OwYx_500  

my newest painting (especially for my kindred-spirit sisters) at: 


Deb Kirkeeide said...

as always, your words are thought provoking, and bring awareness to that which lies within myself at times.
Certainly, your muse has come back stronger than ever after that little vacation, eh?

Dulce said...

Oh! woman. You are such a muse, you are. There is everything I love in each one... and god those pictures... I love the way you write. No doubt your inspiration is there, your muse is very IN there, as much as to post three- works of art they are to me!
Well... Thank you for not leaving at all, thanks for your beautiful comments. They are always a fresh breeze to me.
Sweet Love and hugs
to you Goddess of LOVE,LOVE, LOVE

Midnight Whisperer said...

We are as blessed and thankful as you that your muse has returned... Your words are becoming my indulgence.

Shadow said...

aaaaah, calli, sweetie, surrender, that was sweet!

and your call in the second poem, rings deep in me too. i especially love that you can freighten the unknown...

don't flee, don't lay it to rest, indulge while you can, while you want, while it's here.

you are a master of emotions and desires!

SarahA said...

I am thinking, you are very good with this way of writing. Portrayal of such emotions. I am thinking, you feel very deeply and one that does, can only write like such.
I am liking your words, you and how each links on to the other.How each connects in some way.

SarahA said...

You know what my last 'word verification' was? HUGGLYZ

Chuck Dilmore said...

you totally
have a book
inside of you!

er, if that is your desire.

it's... it's not even Writing.
it's something more!

Karen said...

Calli - Sometimes you speak my heart - things I can't the words to say. I think I'll direct someone over this way.