Friday, December 18, 2009

all I want for Christmas...

Truthfully, all I ever wished for Xmas aside from love, health, comfort and world peace for all,  is
A R T  S U P P L I E S ...yes, true I can buy these anytime for myself and I do, but
truth be told, I have always made it easy for loved ones to know this is the easiest and best
choice of gift for me. Do they take this advise? ha, almost never. Also funny, I have thought about past relationships and the man always stresses over what to get
his woman (this woman)  for the holidays...skip the diamonds, I want art supplies! I'm  not kidding!

diamonds are wonderful, gorgeous, but not practical and a new easel,
paints, shelving, canvas, cubbies, paint brushes...are always practical for the Artist.

ART SUPPLIES rule and ARE diamonds to me!

all in truth and all in fun~and BOOKS also make that list...:)or build me a dream 'studio' and you'll never have to get me another gift, ever! :)

and not so practical but definitely necessary to my happiness is my Old World Santa Collection ~
photo Christmas 2008...this year they remain in their storage trunk. 
Ooo, and this isn't even all of them. And, I know Christmas should be all about giving but do tell ~ what is your favourite gift to receive? 


Happy Christmas...
Gelukkige Kerstmis
Glückliches Weihnachten
Noël heureux
Feliz Navidad
Natale felice
Natal feliz

image source: painting of artists studio by unknown artist
photo by Calli 2008


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Well Calli, I think we are kindred spirits here! I really don't want another kitchen appliance/gadget; perfume; bauble/bangle/bead;.... art supplies, a stream of books, the ones I love, a good bottle of wine, a piece of vintage cheese...and is good!

I LOVE you old world Santa collection - WOW! Why are you not displaying them this year, if I may be so bold as to ask?

Calli said...

Oh, I think you're right, Bonnie, we are definitely kindred spirits here!...Wine and cheese and great conversation! ~had to add that! ;)

Of course, you may ask me anything. I love my collection but I have taken on a 17 month old in my home during school hours this year and I am afraid to decorate as I normally do...I have also been feeling the need to simplify this year.

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas!
I want a new computer for my writing! xx

Caio Fernandes said...

ahhh Natal Feliz !! you wrote in my language !! nobody writes this because they think we speak spanish in my country !! hahah!!people just ignore that this language exist .
ohhhh Cali dear !!! i ran out my materials and have no money for buy more paint , i got no job and just have safe money for be able to by dog's and cat's chow for the next weeks , they don't deserve to pass throw what i pass , poor ones .
so now reading your post i get really broken and concerned . i understand you very well , if someone buys me a house now i would ask ? "but where did you keep the art suplies ?"
at least with your diamonts you could sell and buy paint for a whole life hahah!! if someone asks what happened with that ring or necklace you can just say that got stoled or the dog ate . hahahh!!
the world is out there and i don't know how to take money fron it ( God gave me the gift of art and love , not busyness and profit , at least so far , but let's see if it changes in 2010 , right ? )
well , painters are like cats , we always survive and more paint will appear fron somewhere . for you and me .
your colection of Santas is a dream .
i always felt like to have a similar colection of Santas and fairys too . i think you have a really good taste for it .
i feel like to make a series of paintins of then now . santas doll models !
wonderful . hard to choose the favorites . but i believe everyone has its own story . what makes me really curious . hahah!
okay Calli dear .
promisse you're going to have a great weekend and i am going to be happy .
see you , and hope this year you get the gift you want . you deserve .
Natal Feliz !!

Protege said...

Great sentiment in this post and I so understand you.;)I do not care much for diamonds either.;)
Love the top picture, is it yours?
So, the best gift I like to recieve; a visit from my Irishman without any doubt. If I was so privileged to have him around always, then it would be a very superficial gift: perfume.;) I am crazy about scents.
Have a lovey weekend, great Holiday week and thank you dearest Calli for your always warm and kind comments, I LOVE them.

Calli said...

Michelle~ I hope you get your wish of a new computer!!! :) happy holidays! xxoo

Caio~ dear Caio...that is a lovely comment, thank you! and, I love your language. I have a good friend for years now from your very region, but she is now in Germany. It's a lovely language... my wish for you for the holidays is that ALL of your wishes come deserve the very best in heart, in home, in ART SUPPLIES! I relate to what you've said because it is my heart and soul that paints and though I have a business mind, the art has been more about self-expression, more than anything else, but I am cooking up some ideas for the new year and maybe that will change, for both of us!!! you know, I have some diamonds, maybe, I should sell them! ;) and Oh, thank you for what you said about my Santas...we should both paint them!
caio doce e caro do Natal feliz xoxo

Zuzana~ The top picture is not mine, but I love this painting. I wish I knew the artist. Oh, my wish for you is to have that Irishman of yours with you, all the time would be perfect huh? would love to know your fave scent?...
I hope you're enjoying that snowfall in your region of this world and I will be by very soon!
but if I am late in getting there, please have a lovely remainder of the weekend and a beautiful holiday week. much love, Zuzana~ xoxo Calli

Laura said...

Hello my dear SOS, Thank you for stopping and leaving me your kind words :) I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas and A New Year FILLED to the BRIM with artistic supplies, creations and inspiration! I am doing okay....focusing on getting through this divorce and maintaining a positive outlook for all of us! It is taking a lot of energy and I am feeling pretty uncreative right now...but so enjoying...when I get the chance reading and seeing all of your amazing works! and times you just take the words right out of my head :) Love and Light to you and many blessings for the new year!
P.S...I love to receive Barnes and Noble gift cards and coffee gift cards, candles, incense fuzzy socks, and love letters :)

Betty said...

Calli, what lovely post!.
My brother Michael is an artist,too(painter), (there are some of his art works on my blog),and i just wanted to tell you that i know exactly what you mean about art supplies as your fave gift! I have a diamont cross and earings, but believe me, they don't give me happiness. I am not a materialist!and only a good relationship warms my heart.
I just love your old world Santa collection you have.So pretty!!
If you'd like to see, my Xmas decorating has been completed!
Wishing you PLENTY of well-deserved happiness!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you and your family have a very happy Christmas holiday.

Serena said...

One could never go wrong buying me art supplies as gifts though most of my family know I am well-stocked after years of collecting bits and pieces. Books are another thing I absolutely adore. I do like long, dangling earrings too...hippy-style jewellery too. Our family does a secret santa exchange each year and my daughter had me this year. She bought me a stirling silver anklet and a large straw bag with turquoise and shell beads for decoration. I LOVE them both!!