Wednesday, December 2, 2009

remnants to ripples...

his warm breath and hands
wrapped her, held her
then escaped without warning
into the cool, 

vacant night

she sat leaning to touch the
warmth eminating from the woodstove that was
situated to her left and
to the remnants of him
to her right.

her gaze lingered,  for it was there that he sat
holding out his loving hands

to take hers
to embrace her
to pull her face to his

that was the moment when she  had let her heart go and finally believed...

but now she is left with remnants...

but then, but then she felt a stirring
a feeling of exaltation
she knew that her true heart was 
about to be found, by him
her true north

all others were leading her to this One
this One
she knew the others',  to a degree, were soul mates
but her best soul mate was coming

would soon be here 
and he would hold her
in an embrace to shame all other embraces
his love would exhibit
his profound interest in her, 
in  what she wanted and needed and who she was
at her core.
and in return 
he would feel so loved
he would BE so loved
because she would have profound interest in him
he would know he was her true north
her true love

and together their love would create ripples, not mere remnants
and their Love would transcend and transform 
and be shared as the gift that they both recognized

as the truest gift...
of the truest love...

image source:  

Who will love me now by ~UnaObsesion

woman in love3 by ~Fort-o

*the phrase, of which, I borrowed a portion, 'love is profound interest', was coined
by Swami Anandakapila Saraswati's teacher to describe romantic LOVE.
I thought this to be in itself ~ profound!

an interesting article can be found here:


Steve E said...

Calli-Girl, I will enjoy Red for as long as I'm able to enjoy...and that should be long into the future.

The thought of love (being in the 'lifetime' sense) "A profound interest", one and the other IN each other--how utterly "profound" -grin!...and how sweet, and how binding without controlling.

I had just written several hundred more words, and deleted them. After all this is a comment, not a blog posting!

Blessing to you, my lovely friend. Stay warm--it becomes you!

Shadow said...

perfect. the title. the picture you drew. of a love. so strong. so filled with longing. with dreams. that cannot be broken.

Secretia said...

Calli, that was uplifting to me, "but then, but then, she felt a stirring" I do, I do.


Suicide Barbie said...

Beautiful... Silken...
Lovely work.

Caio Fernandes said...

what a beautiful work Calli .
so inspiring ...
love love love love ....
i don't know what to do with myself now !!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

This is very beautifully written.
and without all the others, we wouldn't be ready for the 'One' would we?

It seems that many share the same thoughts - everywhere I read - there are echoes...

Dulce said...

As you always do... have touched my heart and my need of a LOve like that. Your feelings are my feeling as if twin souls
Oh you Calli Girl...So lovely a piece of writing. The missing, the wishing... the hope, the north.

♥ U

Calli said...

To all of you dear friends, twin souls, kindred spirits~thank you!

Your words and thoughts mean so much to me and are far more beautiful than anything I could ever write.

beautiful blessings to all of you ~ ♥

Brian Miller said...

that was beautiful...and that too will come to did for me...smiles.

enchantedoak said...

I came because of Steve E's tribute to your Woman in Red, and stayed to enjoy this place of love. Come visit me sometime and share my poetry, as you have done with me.

Renee said...

Calli Renee your blog is beautiful.

This poem is beautiful too.

Renee xoxoo

Fareed said...

Wowie, reminded me of "She stoops to conquer" by Wordsworth. He was sheep but jotted down well there, quite much like this work. Here the sporadic appearances of emotions devour me.

Calli said...

Brian~ I knew you were especially happy. You just radiate it! thank you!...and smiles.

enchanted oak~ Awe, thank you so much! I will be by very soon to visit you.

Renee~ You are a sweet lady! Thank you very much!I will be following at your beautiful place. See you soon! xo

Fareed~ Nice to see you again. That is one generous compliment. I will have to look up that particular Wordsworth.

Thank you all...

Silver said...

Came here from Steve's blog.

I was held breathless at your beautiful blog. And truly, you are so creative and gifted. Just beautiful!


Silver said...

And i am so grateful to have met you. ;)

Sweet Smiles,

Catvibe said...

Have you found him yet Calli? Because I know I'm still looking for this man, my true North. This is as romantic as any poem could ever be. Lovely and it makes my heart hurt to want it so...

luthianelendil said...

Hello today Calli.

She are get unpatient for sweet spirit partner. Understanding in that but filled with known (?) 'avoir un intuition'. (not of write word. sorri.) Always read you verb and think hope what come in days for Calli.

You not look for mans that want protector you childs, no? but most one who raise Calli sensory disposition. love for you as one that lost early mothering and desire new mother in man. Wise grows tall and strong from thirsty youth, then be her like lush mountain of Calli and water for man who be like rain.

sheet music to orchestral, she to him----he to she.

Also-ways most dificult tranlate to write. Excuse please. No practic now laterly. Deliver smart as feces. (pardon Lutea no delicate.)


Nevine said...

"Ripples" is right. After years of searching, I gave up on trying to find my "true north". And it seems just as I had given up the ghost, he just stepped right into my life. And here he is, just as you describe him. This is a beautiful rendering of true emotion, Calli. I've noticed this about how you write - it is very truthful. And it calls and it touches. Lovely, Calli!


Calli said...

Silver~ I meant to tell you how lovely your comment was on this post and always~ thank you and I am so happy to have met you.

Cat~ sis, Your True North is my wish for you in the New Year! Lots of love to you~

Lutea~ Beautiful words and thoughts. Very poetic and very insightful. They have given me some things to think about, as always~ ...Have a beautiful holiday season and you are welcome here anytime...

Nevine~ I also meant to respond to this personally awhile ago...I read something about a year or so ago that reminded me of your words that read: "I have learned not to worry about love; but to honor its coming with all my heart"...

nice huh?...
thank you all ~ xoxo