Monday, December 7, 2009

she tried...

she came to this place
after lookin'  for some peace
ridin those southwestern winds
like the  bohemian soul
that she was at her core...
she was lookin' for her next adventure,
sure beat puttin' her head in the sand
the sand, leveled by the love she 
thought she knew
but she didn't know a damn thing
cept' that he was cruel

she could put her head in the sand 
become the hermit
but she had a destiny
a vivid dance with
her new fate
that called 
from a far off place
so she roamed the mountains
climbed them
one by one
lookin' over her shoulder
from time to time ~
guess that's to be expected

what was it she ran away from?
what kind of past was hers?
was she loved?
had she left a piece of herself
behind in
some old dusty town?
the one
where he lived
where he turned to stone

she tried
she gave her all
but times were tough
and livin' meant more.

she had no choice
for she was one who lived
who danced beneath the light of the moon
by night and  
under the benevolent sun
by day
she didn't need him anymore
she never did,
and besides, he left long before she did

and God knows
she tried
she gave her all
but times were tough
and livin' meant more.

her soul was tellin' her
she needed to thrive
to make love along the way
to never cry so hard that she
had to assume the fetal position 
and just hide away
no, that wasn't her way
temptin' it was, during those rough spells
but she had too much to do
too much to see
and so much to Believe
it was out there for the takin'

but she knew the secret was not to
take but to give her little heart out

and that ~ all her dreams would make!

image source: rebekka_guamp240leifsdamp243ttir
loosely lyrics...
*long last look, she's still carryin' that damn baggage ~ maybe, it's time to kick that to the curb!


Shadow said...

you have expressed a wonderful dream. of living. of loving. of taking a chance. of doing. calli, this is marvellous!

Brian Miller said...

oh wow...this one is beautiful...her journey shared...keep giving that heart away. i felt this one deep...

Catvibe said...

Sweet! This is such good advice too. The line that particularly haunted me was 'he left her long before she did'. It reminds me of my marriage. I did the leaving, but he left me about three months into our relationship, in retrospect. After that, it was all stubborn will and role playing that kept us together for 9 years. Beautiful work sis.

ANNA-LYS said...

You create beautiful art out of words, You are a word painter. Lovely!

Winters Reaper said...

the journey of a life time brought to us in a few words...

I feel i have been there...

but she tired..

Caio Fernandes said...



Andrew said...

What a lovely expression of the strength of a woman.

Thank you.

Dulce said...

WOW Calli dear,
This is so strong. What a escape this woman needs in her life. How much courage she needs to bring with her,in her long way so as to, eventually, giiiiive!!!

I love these>:'...never cry so hard that she
had to assume the fetal position and just hide away
no, that wasn't her way...'

So powerful yes I love it, and You too!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Heartfelt words that resonate deeply for us all at some level, I'm sure. We've all been betrayed and had to construct a life, alone, anew. Sounds like territory you know too.

Love your gentle snowfall!

Nevine said...

I've learned that, sometimes, when we want to curl up and assume "the fetal position and just hide away" that's the best thing to do, but only for a limited while. Even with sadness, there's a schedule. We can be sad for a while, a few days, but then we have to come out of our comatose fetal position and walk so we can realize that we can still do it.

The thing I liked most about this piece was the hope that was underlying all of the sadness and frustration. Beautiful and tender, Calli.


Karen said...

"He left her long before she did." That's a great line that tells whole stories. You always reveal the soul honestly, Calli. Great work.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

And if anything was left behind, it was something/someone that no longer existed

I think it's not what she ran away from but what she ran to.

I love this. It shows discovery, belief and strength.

Athena. said...

This was beautiful.

Secretia said...

Oh, Calli, she is the winner, she is so smart, so lucky. You made her whole.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

That's beautiful Calli. It reminded me of a Stevie Nicks song. I could see Stevie performing it! xx

Chhaya said...

First time at your blog! love the layout and the way you have kept it!

the latest poem is really nice. like a well written country song!!


Lots of love from India

PS: would love to hear from you @my place. i try to poems too.

Suicide Barbie said...

Powerful words filled with much spirit and strength.


beautifully painted wordpicture! a story to which we can all relate, i think! very familiar territory! exquisitely told and shown by you, and felt by us all!

Calli said...

Shadow~ Brian ~ Cat(sis) ~ ANNA-LYS~ Winters Reaper ~ Caio ~ Andrew ~ Dulce ~ Bonnie ~ Nevine ~ Karen ~ Deb ~ Athena ~ Secretia ~ Josephine ~
Chhaya ~ Suicide Barbie ~ GYPSYWOMAN ...

I am floored by all of these wonderful, generous and heartfelt comments. Each time I write, I am just in awe of the responses. It is incredibly fulfilling and I want each of you to understand how grateful I am. And, to all the newcomers, welcome and please visit often.

I love having all of you here!!!

much love~

The Old Geezer said...

interesting blog
God Bless You

Renee said...

She may be carrying baggage but she seems to be brave enough to leave.

Have a great day Calli.

Love REnee xoxoxo

Calli said...

The Old Geezer~ Welcome sir! and thank you much! :)hope you'll visit again.

Renee~ Yes sweet lady, she had the courage, (thank goodness) and left! You are Courage in motion! and we love you~
Calli Renee xoxo