Friday, December 18, 2009

i dream a dream...

we all have a dream or dreams. one ofmine is to be able to ice skate
like a graceful, flowing, lovely, athletic ~ 
figure skater. i want for that ease of
movement. i want to feel the cool air on my face as i twirl in
enormous circle eights; designed by my skates and felt with my heart.
i have not skated since i was young and
want to so badly. I used to rollerblade and loved it but
injuries have made that a current thing of the past. i cross-country
ski'd and fell on my ass more times than i can count, but i had a damn good time trying.
and it should be of no surprise when i say that figure skating
is one of my favourite events in the Olympics. love to watch
the fluid movement of these ice dancers! much like ballet, so free flowing
and beautiful. just amazing! sometimes, so beautiful, it can reduce me to tears.

i suppose i think of this, when i hear,
Joni Mitchell's ~ 'River' ...a song i listen to often.

as noted by my sidebar ;)

Its meaning sad and melancholy, about losing a lover, but i love the song, music and lyrics. what's not to love,  it's soulful and sung by Joni Mitchell or even Sarah Mclachlan, just beautiful. a song that has always tugged at my
Christmastime heartstrings. and the image of ice skating
just takes me to another place and time when life was simpler, innocent or so i imagine.
eras past where skating was a loved and treasured pastime. a place for a promising date.
a time when families did something 'together'... it just stirs up so many emotions
and feelings. God, how i love this time of year. a time of endings and yet a time of
new beginnings.

Happy Christmas, all...with love
Gelukkige Kerstmis ~ Glückliches Weihnachten ~ 

 Noël heureux ~ Feliz Navidad ~ Natale felice ~ Natal feliz

image source: photo 1: tumblr++recklesslyming
photo 2: cestnouveautumblr
photo 3: not-long-now+-15-days


Winters Reaper said...


just beautiful

Karen said...

Happy, Merry Christmas to you, Calli. I wish you snowfalls and memories and love and happiness.

Steve E said...

On the farm where I grew up(?) were three ponds, and some very happy early-life moments were ice skating; the bonfire,("Don't build the fire too close to the ice, Steve.") the stuff that accompanied this scene, Beer, Southern Comfort, , girls falling (I'll help you...Yessss). Why did men always have to help girls on with their skates? No, I did NOT mind one bit.

Thanks, Calli, for those memories and for.......

Steve E said...

Calli, I apologize in advance...but there was NO WAY I could NOT put you on my list for receiving an award. I hate the rules associated with those things, and so I don't ask anyone else to do it. This thing took me an HOUR to pump out. Unbelievable.

So if ya get a moment, pick up an "award" over at

Secretia said...

Calli, I liked this skating piece a lot, especially the first picture where she wants to skate, and the pond is not frozen yet. that is true wanting.


Dulce said...

NOW my dear Calli, this only states and restates we are really *TWINS*!

I've never been able to skate or iceskate in my whole life... and I tried so many times... As I observed amazed how well all my friends and cousins did. Well I could cycle as the best of bests though..
Now, most amazing is that I've always wanted to feel that flowing in my body and when I see them oh... especially those couples, I ALWAYS CRY!!! and do not know why, only that a beauty as such can only reduce me to tears as well...

AH! And your boy is also 7? ... hey isn't this astounding my dear friend?
Love YOU!

Shadow said...

aaaah, those dreams. for me it would have to be riding a horse...

Deb Kirkeeide said...

What is it about ice skating that seems so magical? (and aren't we all searching for that magic at this time of year?) It's so graceful yet powerful.

We share the same dreams and favorite olympic events. It's been many years since I've tried skating - I used to be able to do a semi-spin! and used to try little hops/jumps but never got too far with that!

My other dreams? to be able to fly down a mountainside on skis - in and out of moguls - the key words being - in control!
Here's to dreams! may they all come true.
(love this song as well)

Nevine said...

Beautiful and tender and just aching with desire, Calli. And a perfect way to lead into thoughts of this time of year. Hmmm... nice (with a big sigh)! :-)


Silver said...

Wishing you loads of happiness and peace for the coming Christmas holidays and New Year, Calli!

The pictures somehow seems to denote some heartache in it for some reason.. like there's a unspoken side that tells a sad story.


Cynthia said...

Hi there ethereal one,. it's not
surprising you find pleasure in
ice-skating. I agree simply beautiful to watch.

Your prose echoes the flowing grace of an ice skater, indeed.

Sarach Mc. will always pull
my heartstrings.

Are you snow in. I am and happily
sow. I'm reading The Lovely Bones,
and trying to figure out Print
Artist for my computer.

Have a wonderful Sunday, Calli!

Brian Miller said...

merry christmas to you as wife was a ballerina for 18 years...the beauty and grace, much like the ice skating...i hope you skate...and skate...and skate...smiles.

A.J.Johnson said...

I have enjoyed following your site, "Happy Holidays" and have a wonderful New Year.

Best Regards,

Catvibe said...

Funny, as I was reading this I thought, (because I don't have the volume on my computer) Joni Mitchell's River, but of course you were already thinking that because we are sisters and grew up listening to Blue because, well because. Merry Christmas to you sis! I also watch the figure skating at the Olympics. My favorite. :-)