Monday, December 14, 2009

monastery of soul ...

cloistered in semi-darkness
a monastery of soul
cold, alone
writhing in wait 
for days to once again
advance the light
as the deficit defeats the senses
stymies the voice,
inhibits the muse,
ensures dormancy

the need to restore compells inner action
to renew
invigorate the senses

there is no wish to wait for Spring
though this rest is fiercely determined
while it seemingly inflicts with no remorse

something seeps in
making provisions
to enhance strength
to garner power
for times to come love hope uprooting an inert existence

a quickening
a  pulse
palpitations indicating
the wake up call to  LIVE LIFE
and yet
life has forced this breathing space
this adjournment
in part, a design on the future?
stirring devotion from deep within
to make love, make life, 
make sense of all this -- 
all this that came before NOW

a respite
before the reckoning
a relinquishing of control
 a forcing of hands 
a leveling
of spirit
waist deep

a cleansing

a purifying to gain
a readying for ...
wisdom brought forth
via a Master Plan 
to cultivate


image source: 11_12_2008 iris_brosch


Caio Fernandes said...

why waiting till spring ?
no , not necessary .
all this now , right Calli ?
see you !!

Dulce said...

Oh twin this is amazing and so deep and full of contradictory beauty... as it ends it gives a light of hope to make sense of it all...yet,...

Love you > Sweet Woman

Brian Miller said...

there are those moments of quiet, that hurt, when the muse does not awaken...i think these moments in between are needed...maybe to help us appreciate the other...

Karen said...

Calli, I think this is my favorite thing you've written. The sense of winter blanketing and stifling the senses and the will is so well done. I love the structure and the feeling of urgency to come alive. Excellent!

enchantedoak said...

I love that "adjournment" is not a sleeping, but an interim place with its own richness.

Superfluous Brunette said...

Beautifully said. Sometimes we are forced to become stronger, look inside and find our power through painful events. A blessing in disguise pushing us towards our destiny, something bigger and better.


Renee said...

A respite before the reckoning....

Wow what beautiful words.

Love Renee xoxo

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I love the reflective power in this one, Calli. And I also love the fact you have no television. xx

Shadow said...

we can only live in a 'monstary' so long, before the love of life, living, loving, forces us out into the invigorating air of feeling... calli, this is stunning!

Dulce said...

Just for you to know my dearest,and just in case you happen not to come by today...
I've dedicated my poem to you... because you are so special to me, because you deserve it and kinda LOVE YOU!!!
Sweet HUG-
-and hope you feel better!

Nevine said...

Calli, I'm speechless. The first thing that drew my attention was the "monastery of soul". There is something about that image that is disturbing and lonely, but very true. Our souls live such hidden lives, sometimes even from us. We do have to dig within ourselves and tease our truth out, release our muse, allow our senses to enjoy. Your words say it all so beautifully - with some kind of inner peace that comes from knowing.


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Very beautiful Calli. It speaks of this time of year and the feelings I always start feeling at Solstice. A time for renewal, looking towards new beginnings.

Suicide Barbie said...

The words "writhing in wait" struck something deep within me. Another beautiful piece, Calli.

Anonymous me said...

Coming here is like stepping into a sanctuary. I love the imagery and the flow of words ... the unveiling that progresses a little more each time I read. And the anticipation ... yes I love that about any adjournment. xx Jos

wylde otse said...

And, what awakening power 'lurking just beneath the surface' in the 'comments' too. So fitting: in just a few days - solstice !

Secretia said...

I understand the need to restore and renew.


Devika said...

I am here from Cynthia's....Loved the poetry here, Calli -- so much as I loved the interview :)

will keep coming back,