Thursday, December 10, 2009

this you are...this you were...

you entered my life at a time
when things were just beginning to move...
stagnant times were had
then suddenly just before you arrived
my soul started to sway, dance, flutter

I knew of your arrival before
you stepped into my world
the veil pulled back
in recognition of you
in recognition of me
life was sometimes sad, oppressive
yet I released myself
from that sadness
some of it
pulled back violently
a veil that could not withstand the test of time.

I'd spent so much time making headway
into a happier place
a happier time
then you came
i smiled
i knew i was in for something tangible

your vibe,
was felt,
long before I laid eyes on you.

i,  backed into a corner
for quite sometime
knew that was not the place for me
*(nobody puts Baby in the corner! :)  

i have let my creative self-shine
even more
with your aid
because you've given
and given much to inspire,
brought joy

all these things
that make up who we are
who i am
who you are

these are good things
these are great things
these are beautiful and we are so lucky
to have our friendship
our love
our bond
it is a bond
a bond
that is glued together
with light and love and peace
and a creative melding

such similarity between us
we knew of from the start
we loved that from the start
we love it still...

i love how we grow into
something more
more substantial
each day
each new way

i love you my friend! I do!

*had to put that in  -for Patrick Swayze  (RIP)
**written for a friend some time ago...

image source: Friends_Forever_by_vizionsphotography

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Caio Fernandes said...

what a good luck you both must to be now .
this is a wonderful moment of life when it happens .
your sinsere way to write touched me .
i am i little bit more miserable now because i don't have this person in my life . hahah!! but that is ok .
thank you Calli .
keep being inspired and inspiring .

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Exquisite ever, Calli. I love the shadow of the two of them in your image.

Probably none of my business, and, of course, you do not have to reply....but I often wonder if there is a special, lucky recipient of these lyrical treasures, or if they are written to secret lovers of the mind?

Brian Miller said...

a beautiful tribute to one you love...i knew too, before she walked through the door..smiles.

Secretia said...

That is inspirational and lovely. I need to keep a printed copy of it close by me.

Thanks You, Secretia

Dulce said...

Well Thatis a friend for sure
Lovely poem my friend, although 'lovely' is just a bare word to describe your words dearest
Thanks for everything!
Hugs ;)

Nevine said...

You said all the right things, used all the right words. It's true that we sense it in our hearts before we meet someone special, and we also sense it when we truly meet them, when we first set eyes on one another. It's a bit like deja vu, isn't it? Funny and tickly and smiley and strange, and just the slightest bit spooky, this feeling. Beautiful words, Calli, as with every time I have been here.


Deb Kirkeeide said...

I don't know that I can add here to what's already been said by others.

But I do know that it's always a treat to come hear and read. I can always count on something beautiful and from the heart.

Dayne Gingrich said...

There's nothing like this type of friend/love, is there? When you know... you just know.

Beautiful, as always!

Ohh... you see that? Yep, it's another smile from me because of YOU!


Alice in Wonderland said...

What beautiful writings you do! I just love them all!
Thank you for visiting my site, I'll be back here again!
Have a great Festive Season, I'll be back full time soon. Hope to talk to you more soon.
Take care!
{ A.I.W }

Gregorio Martino said...

That was beautiful. Yes Patrick will be missed. I watched Dirty Dancing a few nights ago just to hear him say that one line.

Silver said...

i lingered for the longest time.. i read some older posts which i'd missed.. you write so beautifully. It is so soft, tender and loving. For some reasons, it makes me sad.. for it reminds me of my love.. and it is so because your words do move me.


Winters Reaper said...

we ever change and remain the same...

wonderful words and picture..


Cynthia said...

Adore the phrase, "I knew of your
arrival before you stepped into
my world". So true, it's amazing
when this particular feeling
happens in life.

Calli, please visit poemflesh2.
and give your opinion/thoughts
on my dialogue with michele

Anonymous me said...

Oh Cali, you write joy, you do. It is so beautiful what you've written here, balancing the sheer exhuberance of joy found with the mutual gratitude of having found it at all. I love it. xx Jos