Thursday, December 10, 2009

WIP and Christmas my way...

I've been busy the last few days with this WIP and readying for Christmas .
 It's freezing cold here and the winds, well, they'll
blow you away if you let them. I usually love the wind but the wind chill, is
beyond chilly! ;(...but I do love a soft flowing snowfall, the 'magical' kind
like in the classic "It's a Wonderful Life"...I bask in the comfort and warmth
of my home, but I do wish I had a fireplace (one day).
One of the most favourite things we like to do and it has become quite a
tradition, is to watch "Little Women" the Winona Ryder/Christian Bale version.
I just love this movie. We usually watch it the night before Thanksgiving
but this year it turned into a karaoke fest!  I think I must have lived a past life during the early 19th century ;). I love the mere mention of 'Transcendentalism' that is in the movie (sorry ~ I digress)...This is a holiday
film that just puts me in the mood for Christmas. I'm sure it's not a movie for everyone, especially the guys, but you never know.  This was also my favourite novel when I was a kid.
There is a story behind each & every ornament on our tree, but that would take too long to tell. But they were either made by my kids, chosen or gifted with great care and love. Sadly, I have so many, some remain in a box as there is just not enough room on this tree. So here are a few pics.  In my old place, 12 foot trees were the norm, but now
my ceilings are lower so 7 1/2 it is...


I haven't even unpacked my Old World Santa collection yet, but 
it is something I have been collecting for years and treasure! Maybe, I can dig up and old photo or two.

WIP  ~ 16 x 20
mixed media on canvas ~  untitled as yet

I hope all of your holiday preparations are going nicely. 
I hope this season is eventful in only the best of ways  and exhibit 
the true season of giving and sharing. 
This is what means the most to me...


Protege said...

Yay, I CAN read the text!! I am so excited that finally I can read your posts.;)
The pictures here are simply stunning! Wow, what a tree...
I know what you mean about all the ornaments having a story of their won, so do mine...
I love *Little Women* and I too have movies that I only watch around The Holidays.

Dulce said...

Oh I love it all. My tree is like a little branch next to yours ( flush)
But, my dear friend, I especially LOVE that new painting of yours!!!!!!!

you overdo yourself every single day!
Love you!

staceyjwarner said...

I can read the your tree and decorations. They are beautiful.

I also think I was born in the 19th Century, LOL! I need to watch LITTLE WOMEN again. I do love it.

much love

Betty said...

Hi, I browsed a bit and I loved what I saw.
I just love your blog and your poetry and your art work.!!
Your Xmas decoration is so lovely!
Merry Christmas !
Hope you get a chance to visit my site.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Your tree and home look very warm and cozy for Christmas. I'm just now getting into the holiday mood - bits at a time.
I went with a small table top tree this year and it is packed with my ornaments. Not much tree showing at all.
Keep us posted on the work in progress!

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful, warm tree!
wow... it's so you, Calli!

your kids
must love
the magic you impart!

and i LOVE your wip!
i say: it's finished! it can't possibly be improved!
just love it.

peace&luff, Calli~

Deb Harvey said...

Your Christmas Tree and decorations are absolutely gorgeous! I really love your new painting, too! It's wonderful!!!

Merry Christmas!

Cynthia said...

An intriguing collage of faces
and emotions, Calli.

Calli said...

Zuzana ~ Dulce ~ Stacey ~ Betty ~ Deb ~ Chuck ~ Deb H and Cynthia ~
Thank you so much!
This is the most laid back Christmas decor I think I've ever had. I usually 'go to town' on them but wanted simplicity this year. So the tree stands alone...

and that you seemed to like this painting ~ wow...and thanks!

Betty said...

Hi Calli, Thank you so much for following CAD. I do appreciate it.
I am folowing you, too and I think it's going to be great to know you!!:)

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Calli - your WIPs are wonder-full! And I can see why you so treasure your ornaments - they just sing "Noel".

Oh how you bring back the memories - I loved reading Little Women as a girl and love the new and the older film versions. I don't have a copy but will keep an eye out for it on the movie channels.

Continue to enjoy all your preparations and hope you are yours remain healthy and happy throughout the holiday season.

Serena said...

Your tree is beautifully decorated, Calli!! I also love the classic - It's A Wonderful Life. Little Women is an old favourite too.

I like how your latest WIP is coming along ~ :)