Sunday, December 6, 2009

tears of abstraction...

tears of abstraction
16 x 20 mixed media on canvas

a closer view

sometimes tears are shed for those things that in our sadness, anger,
or disappointment, do not deem worthy,
 yet we shed them anyway, because our souls know the depth of what is, even if our minds donot.
...every situation we find ourselves in, there is always something worthy...
a moment,
a word,
a look,
a kiss,
a touch,
an embrace
...something worth those tears...yes?!

*this may just be  a WIP (work-in-progress)
but for now she remains, as is...


Deb Harvey said...


I'm so glad you stopped by my I had the chance to see your amazing painting, and I love your poem! Great work!

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Thanks Calli for commenting on my blog. Appreciated. You too, I hope your art and poetry continues to grow and gain recognition in 2010. You have a distinctive style ... fingers crossed. xx

Caio Fernandes said...

i liked you have done on this painting .
all this expontaneity ( did i write this word correctly ? expontaniedade ?) .
such sincere work .
one of my favorites of you . really .
my internet is slow . so when i come to your blog , the first thing that appears and stay for a good time is your photo , with the smiling being holded .
this is a wonderful one . i love to look at it . it makes me think in milions of possibilitys about : what is funny and why is she trying to hold it ?
you must to listen everyday fron everyone that you are beautiful so i am not going to say the obivious .
just this smile is fantastic alread . put a smile on me too .

Steve E said...

This work, Calli, is among your BEST--assuming we have seen most all. The tears...OH! Would make this Hyena (me) cry.

Somehow, I see YOU in this, not necessarily in every beautiful feature, but in the anguish, the pathos, the shadings...hiding something which we need not know. Yet we see it there! You are so good to share these works of yours with us on your blogs.

Steve E said...

Merry Christmas? (I wrote that only so I could check "follow-up" comments.) Sorry!

Dulce said...

How beautiful always the words which go with your beautiful paintings.
I agree with Steve this is one of your very best. I love the grey colors in these abstract and at the same time clear tears...
Bravo my friend
Sweet hug

Protege said...

My computer insists on showing your posts in white on yellow.;) Therefore I can only guess that this is a self portrait. Love your style.
Thank you for your visits and kind words, they mean so much.;)

Calli said...

Hi Deb~ Welcome and thank you very much! I am so pleased you stopped by. Do come again! :)

Sharon~ Nice to see you again! Thanks so much! xx fingers (always) crossed! ;)I think 2010 is going to be a fabulous year!

Caio~ What can I say? that is one lovely comment. Your words truly heartfelt and generous. Spontaneity? ~ I do need much more of that in my work. ...thank you & hugs!

Steve~ Thank you so much. As always, you bring such depth to your comments. I love how you dissect my paintings or maybe, they read like a book! ;)

Dulce~ You're an angel, thank you. I was surprised to hear this was a favourite among some of you. Truly, I wasn't sure this was even close to anything worth posting. xo

Zuzana~ Thank you so much for that and for attempting to 'see' what I've posted. Please know, I am working on changing the background here so that it is much easier for even those with a slow connection to view. It even happens to me when my system runs slow. But please keep coming back! I appreciate and enjoy seeing you here and at your place! xx

Thank you, ALL~

Chuck Dilmore said...

very interesting, cool.
love seeing new Calli work!


Calli said...

Thank you, Chuck. I am always working on one thing or another...:)

Zuzana~ I have updated to a charcoal grey background, underneath. I hope this helps you to be able to view the text. thanks again!...xo

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hi, I came across your site quite by accident, and I just love your poetry and art work!
At the moment I'm supposed to be taking a break from blogging for a while as I have just done 139 posts in 139 days! I need to take a rest and recharge my batteries a bit!
Maybe you could take a look at my site and give me some pointers as to where I'm going wrong. I do all my own computer graphics, but I would really appreciate some fresh in-put.
Thank you so much!

Calli said...

Alice in Wonderland~ I am grateful you happened upon my blog. Thank you for your most generous comments.

I would love to stop by and will do so very soon. thanks again! :)

Serena said...

Beautiful art and the poem is very true too! I like the contrasts in this piece ~ :)

Anonymous said...

This painting is excellent.

Calli said...

Serena and Des~ Both of you, thank you very much.

have a great weekend~

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I'm a little late in visiting this but I just think this is just so very interesting.

So many layers and textures and I think even some symbolism (conscious or unconscious.)

I really like it a lot. It's really intriguing and pulls me in to try and interpret it. It appeals to me in a sort of primal and honest way.
Which to me is really good!

Calli said...

Deb~ that has to be one of the best comments I've received on a painting. Thank you so much! I am happy it spoke to you, and in a primal and honest way is more than I can ask for. I definitely painted this one 'intuitively' and any symbolism was completely unconscious on my part, which surprised even me.

Thanks again, Deb, this means a great deal coming from you~