Thursday, November 5, 2009

Architect of her life...

Her story unfolded,
Her energy depleted
breathlessly waited, hoped…
but not today
today she moves into the crisp
new russet, tawny wheat
world covered in blue skies
that defies all other blue skies
as the grey takes a rest
as she pounds the pavement to the
breaking day
breaking convention
breaking past the lies. the fate
that only served to
weigh her down,
yet now give strength.

she now sees beyond the falseness that
consumed …
there is newness
to be found in the light of day

to her
it's all new
bringing hope as the ocean waves hurl their energy
against her very being
cleansing her soul that has lived its sorrows
bringing forth a gentle all-consuming love
one that has deemed itself worthy
of praise, of reciprocity,
of trust
of respect

as she closes her eyes
she intends beauty to seep into every pore of her body,
her spirit
every vein, every cell
Consume her O’ love
Consume her, yet let her keep
her Self-intact,
her faith in relationship

Let her flow between give and take
Let her exist and yet stand-alone
A woman unto herself
Unto her achievements
Her plans
Her goals

She will thrive in a new day
In a new way
Fresh as the sun as it warms the sheets
that dry on the line that sways in the breeze
As all the details of her life,
her loves, move in and out of this realm 
of life and living

as she comes to understand
her needs
her wants
and the difference between the two
she becomes more herself than ever before
she has a power and a strength
that multiplies as she opens her heart
her mind, her soul, to something more suited to her
and she love’s with all she has and more

she will write
design her very existence
she will ease into whatever comes her way

she will know how to proceed
as she listens more intently
to her joys, to those things that speak
to her soul and leave the
most significant mark upon her

like a tattoo or tapestry
of her life the way it was written,
intended to play out,
to be drawn, to be weaved

it could have gone in any direction but it went where
it did and it always will,
though now she will see more vividly
the direction that is healthiest for her
and she will ride that wave
with gusto
with moxy
with a sharp wit and mind to match
she will flow
she will go
…she will LIVE STRONG

As the Architect of her life that
The Gods intended…


image source: Citadel by=petitscargot

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Steve E. said...

Calli Dear, I cannot help but write what I "see" here. It is someone writing all about Calli, in such beautiful phrases, built on words uttered from the depths of your soul.

This is all about Calli, all one need know about Calli. And to know her is to love her.


Dulce said...

My Dearest Calli
How good to read you again
As I see it
No matter how well we are next to the One
there is always a self
that comes first
So are goddesses...
{Tell me if am wrong please}
Sweet Hugs!

wylde otse said...

OMG this is so beautiful!

This is all I ever hoped - for my daughters, all the daughters of this world.

Strong beautiful and serene, the goddess within steps out.

I wish every girl in the world could read this, your poem.

Dulce said...

Hi again... I commented on yo before I looked at my blog,,, WELL!!! I must say more than just thank you for 'revising' all my little poems of the last few days... Darling you are so loving!

The hearts you mentioned I just copy and stick! ♥ ♥ ♥ *from Sherry... Btw
Pick a few!!!
More sweetie hugs my friend!!♥
AND THANKS a lot again.

Chuck Dilmore said...

if these declarations
are for thee, then they are
well deserved, Calli!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I love this powerful declaration of self.
So empowering. To step beyond what we have been taught to accept, to realize they are paths that belong to others. And while well intentioned, and passed down from their own lessons, they are not our own. We need to define our own truths. And that takes great courage.
I just gave my own false stories back to the fires... in offering. Sent them back because they belonged to others, not me.
This is beautiful. Bravo!

Shadow said...

this is a new beginning. of a journey for herself, at her terms, of her own creation, with rewards that can be only be beautiful.

spottedwolf said...

Positive speaks volumes Cal..awakening in and with 'creation's might' certainly does !!

Calli said...

I just wanted to thank you all for such beautiful, heartfelt, and generous comments.
I love them all and appreciate them SO MUCH! You always bring something extra and special to what I've written.

Happy weekend~ ♥
(thanks, Dulce for the heart! ;)

Dayne Gingrich said...

I love visiting your wonderful site.

You're soooooo talented... words just flow from your soul. You've got this "thing" about you~ a thing that can't really be explained.

Your eyes say what I mean too. They kind of just say something beautiful.

Thanks for the smile you always seem to put on my face!

Calli said...

That has to be one of the most beautiful and most sincere comments I've ever received.
Thank you so much, Dayne!
...I am very grateful.


Caio Fernandes said...

i feel refreshed by this ... how god to have discovered your words today !!!

see you Calli . thanks !!