Thursday, November 12, 2009

autumn as metaphor...

Indian Summer
summoned by Autumn to make
her final curtain call

after Autumn heightened her glory
she secretly wished to retreat
but held on for just awhile longer

does she weep?
does she leave quietly
and gracefully?

she had sensed Winter  lingering in wait
yet he made no demands
because he knew his fate

she felt fragile, depleted, spent...

after all she had given,
 though, as is her way,
 she gave freely and with love
yet,  even as she gave,  the giving took something from her
it had to, as a sign to re-build her strength
for her next vital performance


why does she hang on till the twelfth month's near end,
after all her sacred beauty has gone?

even though her time is short

the letting go, is always painful...

image source: spirit of autumn_il_ 430xN.56319247


Dulce said...

Great one my dear Calli.

Carpe Diem I'd say... time flies no matter how deep and intensely we live and give...we can only look forward even though we know agedness waits there in the end with no compassion!

And..I LOVE the picture!

PS Thanks a lot for your always so lovely and supporting comments...
(I get specially glad when you do!)

Shadow said...

oh do you make me wistful with your words today... we do tend to hold on. sometimes longer than we should. but the joy is all in the moment, right?! right! oh, and the artwork, love it!!!

Caio Fernandes said...

you made get into a diferent stage now ...

thank you !!

SarahA said...

Is that spooky or what? We must be on the same wave length or what is it that they say? 'great minds think alike' or 'fools never differ' *dance*
I am really liking your words, you; muchly.

Steve E. said...

Time is short
Parting is painful...Sad

But Sweet Sorrow can it be? Like a new life ahead? Age be damned--(I should know about the age part --grin! Also the "new life" part, I guess)

LOVE and PEACE, Calli-Girl!

The Artist Within Us said...

Just before death we shine the brightest as the last of our energies flows through the veins. We reach the pinnacle, then graceful fall like a leaf plucked by a sharp sudden gust of wind, riding its currents like a butterfly, until we reach the ground to become one with the earth.

Thank you for sharing,

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Images and words haunting and bittersweet Calli. Your work is always exquisite and I run out of superlatives when I come here. Your talent shines.

luthianelendil said...

This writing in Thursday and other before it are touching my heart. It cannot be that weather where here and still I feel that same feeling you write in my mind and deep inside here. I am sad lady now and it is a good sad because the season change and I know that change to better happy. Let go of what we give to the season of last and be happy with season of coming. Hope so good. You seem sad some still hoping always. Strongness in you spiritus. -- Lutea (good understanding reader---no good understading writ--sorry)

Cynthia said...

Calli, Autumn as metaphor so gentle
so true. Ahhh...holding onto youth.
I we go within, the redemption
offers a deeper beauty and deeper

Chuck Dilmore said...

okay wait...
is that you
on the snow-dusted road above?

it looks like
you and
something you would do!


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Naked, raw and spent, she is stripped
down to her bones to be taken into winter's dark embrace. To renew, rebuild and re-emerge even more glorious.

Always beautiful Calli!

ps have you ever read Women Who Runs With Wolves? Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
somehow think you would like it if you haven't already!

wylde otse said...

Beautiful images, sweet haunting words, echoed gently in the comments. All of it true; sorrow of letting go, savoring the precious moments and the linger of memories because they are so very real, and so very fleeting; the sense of the now yellow and red colors turning to brown before our eyes, melting into the color earth, before painted over with a shroud of white. Now is not the time to glimmer of some future spring, but to say goodbye to a grand lady who has given all. Cold old and wrinkled beyond belief she is an inverse mirror of the deep true pristine beauty of her art.
And the only thing worthy of her that we can hold on to - beyond the memory - is love.

Anorak said...

Staring at the setting sun,
I felt a spasm and I knew I had to go, my feet of clay, felt me in dismay, And I lost myself in the flow ....

Goodbyes are always difficult ...

keep walking!!!
BTW... the pictures in your blog are just awesome ... :)

MCJArt said...

I love you this blog ~ you have a beautiful Spirit Calli.

And more Canadian clues!!! I think I'll listen to some more Sarah Mc this morning!

Thank you for the discovery,

~ MCJ ~

Calli said...

Dulce~ Awww, thanks! Sieze the day! absolutely. My goal is to live life more fiercely...;and you are most welcome. We support one another and that's a good thing.

Shadow~ Wistful is also a good thing! yes, the joy is all in the moment, even tho' some special moments have already passed.

Caio~ Thanks dear friend! A different stage, exactly! :)

Saraha~ I'd like to think "great minds think alike"...definitely *dance*...

Steve~ Yes, parting is such sweet sorrow...but always a new season begins and a new door opens.

Egmont~ Such a lovely, poetically beautiful comment. Thank you very much!

Bonnie~ You are so kind and generous with your comments. I *blush* at that one, thanks so much!

luthianelendil (Lutea)~ Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to leave such a beautiful comment. Hope to see you again, soon! Your written expression is perfect!

Cynthia~ Oh, yes, I agree, well said! to beauty and love! thanks hon! ...oh, and I did send my email...

Chuck~ No, not me, but she could be for many reasons. She embodies my 'free spirit' and it is something I would do and well, actually have done ;) ~ thanks!

Deb~ Your comments are always so deep and thoughtful. I hope we see more writing from you. You have a lovely way with words. I will definitely check out that book! ~ Thanks!

wylde otse~ Wow, amazing words and sentiment, lovely ~ thank you for sharing that!

Anorak~ Why, thank you for that, so lovely and for your visit. Do stop by again! :)

MCJArt~ Why, thank you! I enjoyed your wonderful art and will be by again soon! It is so nice to meet fellow artists and poets...and can't get enough of Sarah M!

My gosh, I am long winded today...thank you again, all of you! ♥

Superfluous Brunette said...

Beautiful! Letting go is the hardest and can be oh so painful as we cling...cling to a past. Letting go is usually the lesson itself above all else that is happened.
Thanks for sharing,