Monday, November 30, 2009

southbound train to nowhere...

as she walks the tracks 
of her life
she wonders what part he will play
or is wanting him like riding a southbound train to nowhere?

 he speaks
cojoles, teases,
as if he knows all that has been and will ever be

 she just wants to be free

yet she's tackled
like a quarterback on Sunday
wantin' to move down that field
trippin' on steps made
for those over three

 his freedom is
not the same as hers
some say, "shackled by beliefs 
that have no place
 in the realm of love"
all is not said and done!
she's acutely aware
of rights and wrongs
 and invisible constraints
that pull like the white of the straight jacket
that strangles the life from
the virtuous woman
she needs to be

and she, 
she just wants to be free

yet she's tackled
like a quarterback on Sunday
wantin' to move down that field
trippin' on steps made
for those over three

where will she be, come Winter?
when earth sleeps
and the north winds blow
as the ravens make their turn about town
with their tail feathers all aglow

what do the ravens know?
...she may never know

as she rides that southbound train to nowhere...

loosely lyrics...definitely, a work-in-progress!

image source: Train_Tracks_2_by_batsforlashes

and so 'not' related to my poem.
take a listen to an awesome new song with Daughtry and Vince Gill ~ here, by pressing the orange button, once you are on the site:

*I met Vince a few years ago, what a sweet man!...Even tho' I rarely listen to country music these days, I will always have a soft spot for Vince.
and kudos to Richard Marx for bringing these two together!
He's not only a brilliant songwriter but just plain, brilliant!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Kind of in this place myself right now, Calli...

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Calli: Such beautiful and profound thoughts in that piece of poetry. I could definitely see/hear it as lyrics! Just lovely.

Do you compose music, or have someone that does for you? Or do you send your lyrics out to song writers?

I'm sure one day I'll be saying, "I know the Calli that wrote those lyrics!!!"

Brian Miller said...

nice. love the lyrics...and i definitely see it as a country song...and it will capture a few hearts along the way, traleing those same tracks...

Liam said...

All these artistic people around me I can't keep up.

Thank you for your comment.

Winters Reaper said...

Did I hear somebody say winter?

Oh, and you are most right beliefs have no place in the realm of love..

True love

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I thought this one had something different to it. Will your closet lounge singer be recording it when done?? That would be fun!

Of course I am drawn to the last lines - where will she be come winter and see a painting! (the ravens called to me!)

I like this Calli, as always, your words speak to me. and I always wonder, so many of us seek freedom and it would be interesting to hear how each of us defines that, wouldn't it?

Caio Fernandes said...

Hi Calli !!! how are you ?!!

this is so great . you have filled this poem with great images .
a real trip .
i liked the american football references too , because this is very exotic for me , even so is the only kind of sport i am able to spend 20 minutes in front the tv watching .
when you wrote cojones , or something similar , i spent a good time trying to translate , then i remember it is spanish .. hahahh!!! cool . this is a good expression .
i loved these feelings Calli . you worte "she" but it could be "me " . there are my feelings in it . my situation
thank you .

Dulce said...

I am not fond on country music either but I love this one!

Lovely song, so suitable to your words ... moving forwards to LA or wherever...
where does that southbound train will get to? I wonder. ;)

Sweet hugs my friend

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

You have certanily captured a mood there, Calli! I love the references to winter and ravens. xx

Steve E said...

Calli, for me, your first lines/thought says everything here:

" as she walks the tracks of her life she wonders what part he will play
or is wanting him like riding a southbound train to nowhere?"

Soooo many stories of unrequited love. Such beauty arises from a reciprocal relationship, no matter what closeness or separateness evolves in time. (But closeness IS better, yes??? --grin!)

Wednesday morning: RED

Dayne Gingrich said...

"...his freedom is
not the same as hers
some say, "shackled by beliefs
that have no place
in the realm of love"

Nuff said right there. Soo true, isn't it?

C'mon, Callie... stoppit! Why do you have to be so beautiful? (your words, I mean. I'm not being creepy. You're beautiful, yes... but that's not... oh forget it).

Love this! Love this! Love this!

You add such emotion to our lives, and I think I can speak for everyone reading: We all feel "spoken to" when we leave.


Secretia said...

Calli, you put it together so nicely. Train to nowhere sounds like it goes forever.

Shadow said...

can freedom and marriage really co-exist. i sometimes wonder. i takes a special kind of love for that to happen. and its rare. very rare. although, how much freedom is really required in true love? damn calli, i'm going back and forth with these words and can't decide...

Nevine said...

Beautiful lyrics, Calli. Southbound train... sounds like many of us have been there. And you imagine it so well.


Calli said...

Caio~ I'm glad you liked the football reference~ that was the fun part for me ;)...I think this fits so many people's situations...sad but true.

Winters Reaper~ Winter, yes, someone said Winter! ...and, true a whole different species!

Deb~ Ha, she's my closet lounge singer, not sure she's good enuff to come out!! but she does perform the occasional engagement on her Karaoke machine! ...freedom ~ yes, that would be so interesting and maybe I will pose that very question on a future posting. Great idea!

Dulce~ Thanks sweet friend, I am happy you liked it! You should google Daughtry! hugs!!

Liam~ thanks! I know, I try to keep up with all those I follow, but it gets tough.

Brian~ You're right, I think it would fit into the country genre. originally, I was thinking 'Pink'...:)thanks & smiles!

Cori~ Hey, hon, good to see you. Hope you don't stay in that 'place' too long...:)

Bonnie~ You are so good to me! I do not compose but would love to collaborate with a musician on these lyrics. As far as sending off, stranger things have happened, you never know...:)

Josephine~ Thanks so much! winter and ravens just go together, don't they? xx

Steve~ Unrequited, no, more like, the guys just not right for her...:) but I know what you mean.

Dayne~ You are so sweet and kind! I'm blushing now...Love your visits! You always make me feel so good about what I do here, thank you for that!

Secretia~ Train to nowhere...goes on endlessly...thanks!

I do love all of your thoughts~

Calli said...

Nevine~ Thank you! Oh, yes, we've all taken that route.

Shadow~ I know what you mean ;) and I may post as Deb suggested. It would be so interesting to see how each person views 'freedom'...and I too go back and forth, but yes, it would take a very, very rare and special love...freedom is many things to me...:)

Superfluous Brunette said...

So beautiful and profound. Put so perfectly:
"shackled by beliefs
that have no place
in the realm of love"

Said it myself about someone I loved, yet you put it so eloquently and clearly.

Thanks for sharing,


A.J.Johnson said... other words are needed. I look forward to seeing future post.