Thursday, November 19, 2009

temper this heart...

she stands

she is caught
in the glitz of him

her dreams wandered
took hold, then dissipated
no chance,
no chance of fruition

knowing full well
she should run
make haste
temper this desire
this need
to be near, him

for he has not proven himself to her
he has not shown that she can let go
she feels frozen in time
in that time of loving him
she remembers, 
all too well...

in this space
this wanton space

she wants to let go
she wants to understand
this limbo,
this grey space
with so many
broken places

she wants
to be free to love
yet letting go does not
seem an option

she is forever having to
temper her heart...
when all she wants to do....

is to love...

written September 2009

image source:sleepwalker+by+jessica+tremp

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Caio Fernandes said...

heart has this things ... this divisions and vicious ....
sometimes i ask myself if it is a real good decision to live based by know . heart .

you wrote in a very ellegant way .

Dulce said...

Hey, you, my dear Calli! Again you've done it. This time you've even touched my heart. And you must know why... or don't you?
Never mind...
This is so beautiful and relates so much once more to my own life.

I'll name you my Secretary Poetess 'Do go and talk to Calli, she'll know what I'd write better than myself.'

(The 'I love this' is taken for granted)

Love and hugs ****

Gerry Boyd said...

"she is caught in the glitz of him"


Steve E said...


She is still looking for that place in those grey areas of life as they are now.

She does not wish to let go, is not ready.

She just wants to love and be loved.

Oh, what more does any of us desire?

Shadow said...

she''ll let go when she's ready... i understand the reluctance, sometimes one just wants to dwell in that what was, but sooner or later the lust for life overtakes and that's when she'll be ready.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Your words are always filled with heart felt emotion and poignant beauty.

Brian Miller said...

oh wow. stirring is in the letting go, knowing it will either come back our be crushed...your heart.

thanks for dropping by today, so glad i followed you home.

Deborah said...

This is a beautiful blog, visually and poetically. Exquisite.

Shattered said...

You are a fabulous and talented writer. I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning. You convey some very important truths.

Chuck Dilmore said...

been reading you
for a long time, now, Calli...

and somehow knowing
that everything you want
is walking toward you
practically in front of you.

and when you turn
he will finally be
beside you.


MCJArt said...

so vulnerable ~ so lovely ~ so real ~~~~

~ MCJ ~

SarahA said...

Sometimes, I am thinking you are getting into my thinking space!
I am loving the 'she is caught
in the glitz of him' Yes this is so *sigh* I am knowing this feeling, you.

Secretia said...

Wow, tempering her heart like that.
A satisfying read!