Saturday, November 28, 2009

sacred dreams~ sacred love...

you entered my dreams,
sacred dreams
immersed in sensuality
in a sweet softness of
heart-soul love

my dreams
became something
something more,
more beautiful
more sacred
each time I dreamt of you

each time the Gods
allowed me to hold you in
my thoughts and in my arms

each time you spoke
without words
you let me know just how much
you loved me
how you treasured US

for years now
you have visited my dreams
held me closer than even real-life imaginings
knew me better than any real-life soul ever could

your appearance changed
each time but maintained a certain consistency
dark hair, dark eyes
yet feeling the same each time
always strong
always brilliant
always gentle and kind
always knowing that you could never harm
my heart, my body or my soul
you regard my spirit as your spirit
we are One
we are Love
we are forever joined
spiritually in the heavens born
forever, no matter the lack of
your physical presence in the now
because your soul presence
is always there, always near
as I feel you in my daytime thoughts
and in my daytime dreams
I feel you moving closer

...and I love you

and someday, my twin-soul Love
you will enter my wakened life

and we will be forever set free...

image source: protection_by_Vic4U (one of my all-time faves)...


Caio Fernandes said...

a persistent love .
whoever he is , this is a lucky being .
i hope that , at the meeting , he knows how to treat you .
i like the passion you use to write . have i said this already ?!
sure i have .
good to meet your feelings Calli .

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Dream lovers can be so vivid and amazing . . . as are all you expressions Calli.

Steve E said...

Calli, I had to comment here--even though I'm somewhere on the moon, blog-wise.

These expressions of your thoughts seem to come directly from your very soul. What a precious and beautiful part of you that (soul) must be.

A piece of you is hanging right above my computer on the wall, her name is RED.

Thank you SO much. I will post her on my blog Wed or Thursday this week.
Love from

Brian Miller said...

and one day he will walk into your waking life...and it will be forever changed. smiles.

Winters Reaper said...

This was hauntingly beautiful and left me quite breathless…


Deb Kirkeeide said...

This is beautiful, Calli.
In every way.

Nevine said...

Calli, you have a lovely and sensual sense of words. This is my first reading of your work, but I feel like I am reading words written upon your spirit. So, I thank you for coming by, and for leading me here. I am truly honored to be sharing in your world of writing. And I will be coming back for more.


Dulce said...

Lovely dear friend.
That's a bond to be never broken by anything, anyone or even God...
Pure words of pure love.

Word verification 'Calin' (hee hee)