Saturday, May 23, 2009

a departure in D ...

You burrow through me like
A Discarnate soul

Leaving in your wake
The bleakest of vibrations

The Darkness sucks out the light
And Drops head first into a vortex

It is Dank and Despairing
To not be able to shake off
This black and Dangerous Desire

Your sweetness
Hurts like poison Daggers
Vapors Diseased remain

Your inconceivable ways

Bleeds a sweet on you,
Heart Dry

Disparaging ~ Declining
Debasing ~

Disbelief sets in and
Desire that was waxing
Is now waning

And fallen

Is this love?

Oh, your Develish verbiage kills

And you know it not!

© Calli 2009

image source: ____new_LIGHT_usual_PAIN____by_twELveRN


Steve E. said...

Oh Calli--who ever could read this and NOT totally 'feel' it on some level?

Love that first line, "You burrow through me like a (creature) discarnate..."

You are really in a "mood" these days--or is it always?

Really like your "stuff", ("stuff???" what a horrible word I put on a super-beautiful creation of words and meanings. And you always leave the explanations to the reader, who in effect, becomes a co-creator with you.
Thanks, Calli!

Catvibe said...

Oh...such a striking contrast to the last post. Is this what we are doomed to experience eternally? As dreamweavers, we won't let ourselves think that, but sometimes when the cynicism sets in...I guess that's when its time to stop with the words and go paint. Ya know? Profoundly painful Calli.

Calli said...

Thank you, Cat! ~ Within those shades of grey, exists a place where beauty and pain reside...N'est-ce pas :)

Hence, the use of the word 'departure,' had to express
pain and not all pretty things...
we are not doomed my sister, we are creating from both beauty and pain. The artists, writers, composers, musicians and poets who've ever existed, ALL created from that place and they always will. This is what Art is!

I think there are times when it can be said "Beauty can be found in despair."

and Steve, you are too kind, and I do like to leave interpretation to the reader, tho today I provide a glimpse of an explanation.

Have a great weekend!

SarahA said...

Yes love does have a habit of doing such *sigh* and you have put such well.

~CJ said...

Very powerful and thought provoking

I've been in this state myself before.

Cynthia said...

Hi Calli, whew! Loving this ride.
Oh the lover, the one you can't
resist, always has that sweetness
that hurts like poison.