Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mmm details...

An impression has been made!

And I want to know more…
Much more…about you!

What is your favourite colour?
What do your kisses taste like?
What moves you, Baby?

My thoughts so tangled up
in this, this wanting to know more
about you.

Never before has someone
peaked my interest as much as you!
Details, they finally mean something!

What do you like for breakfast, Baby?
Do you read the Sunday paper in bed?
Do you love kissing as much as I do?

Mmm, details
Those little thrills
that are like candy sprinkles
on a hot fudge sundae

And just like, I want the cherry on top

I want to know more about YOU!

© Calli 2009

image source: Rendezvous__Kiss_Me_by_ammartinez


Rainbow dreams said...

oh the anticipation and the voyage of discovery...delicious, including the cherry :) mmmm indeed Calli

James Oh said...

It is more than a journey of discovery, every details and excitement is always achieve at its peak, as the title of the post described.

Cheers and have a blessed day everyday,

Steve E. said...

Clearly this is not violin players you're wishing to know more about....Baby! -grin!

But you DO write a careful and beautiful description of your thoughts--about somebody, Calli.

Printemps said...

I love the title ""Mmm details..." and how you explore more about YOU!...

Lovely Post!

Shadow said...

more, want to know more. get into your head, your heart, your skin. this is beautiful!

SarahA said...

We are on at the same time *dance*
Hope you have a good weekend too and that the sun is smiling his smile for you, like he is here.

Your words......yes always when an impression is made, you want to know more.You have managed to capture such so well.
'peaked my interest as much as you!' My fav, as to me those words can be taken in two different ways.
If I'm honest I'm not keen on the 'Baby' but over all a good write, you.

~CJ said...

I like this a lot, Calli

You've captured the mystery and excitement of discovering the passion for another quite well.

Catvibe said...

I do love makes me wonder what you're up to these days! ;-) Sounds like a delight.

Cynthia said...

Oh yeah, Calli, you've captured how
it feels inside when you meet someone need who excites your
mind and heart.

LORENZO said...

It is the curiosity that often pulls us to one another. Sometimes the imagination of If is more powerful than what Is...all the best, LL.

Angelynn said...

this one made me grin ...perfect description of the initial thrill of discovery! Loved it Calli.
Love and Light, Angelynn