Sunday, May 17, 2009


Late Night Alumni ~ Group
Beautiful ~ lyrics

Here we are, finally together
holding close, never release this feeling, this moment, my dream is now

I'm loving you,

cause you're beautiful, something in your eyes tells me I have found
love that never dies
I don't have to dream
reality is beautiful in you
I never felt more true

there you are
finally the answer
take my hand
never release the sweetness, the magic, and happiness I've found in you


here we are...



image source: breath_away


Steve E. said...

Within shades of grey...yes, but there are also shades of blue, RED!!!, et alii. I copied your own likenesses and put them through PSP, and I'm pleased. You are VERY pretty!

I'm guessing the words are from a song. I feel frustrated among so many (other blogs, too) songs. contemporary, and groups unknown to me. But--whoever wrote those lyrics--they ARE beautiful!

laughingwolf said...

lovely, thx calli :)

Shadow said...

beautiful for sure.

James Oh said...

Beautiful beyond words. Well reflect of that moment with full sentiment of making two into one.

Printemps said...

Here we are, finally together..

cause you're beautiful, something in your eyes tells me I have found...

lovely song Calli about Late Night Alumni

SarahA said...

Beautiful words, you. Just beautiful.

Catvibe said...

very beautiful...did you write this? Did you write music with it? Wish I could hear...hugz, you.

Calli said...

Such great comments, tho Steve, what the heck is PSP? should I be mad at you? ;)...oh, how could I be mad at you, Steve? :)

Cat, no not my lyrics. It's a song done by the group Late Night Alumni. Wish I had, it's beautiful!

I thought I had put the word lyrics next to Beautiful...better go fix that!

Rainbow dreams said...

Gorgeous, beautiful lyrics :) describes it exactly as it is..