Friday, May 29, 2009

me without you...

Me without you…

Is a sad story.
One I wish had never
Been told.

We both know
We were better together
Than we ever could be apart.

Miss your energy infused
With mine...was always so
Richly sublime.

Me without you…

Is like a grey cloud
That holds the tears
That have been shed
By the multitudes.

Weakness, sadness,
Crying, defeated, heavy heart…
Where is the joy in?
Me without you?

I loved you.
I love you still.

I want what was had.
And not something new.

© Calli 2009

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Steve E. said...

Seldom do I want exactly what was had--after a couple years, that is!

But then something new looks awfully good. I know, I know, that's bad. But even so, what is...IS.

Not to say that a complete psychic change could not enter me into another age, another realm of living
in patience, tolerance, humility, and loving peace.

I need to "practice being satisfied". A sponsee told me that long ago...and I told him he was "ready to sponsor others now".

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful, sad, beautiful.

i don't know why
but i read hope in there, too...
can't put my finger on it.

but sense it.


Trée said...

Beautiful poem, moving as a deep river moves, touching as the rain on a summer day, seeking union from separation as a mountain stream seeks its lake.

paulwchambers said...

i feel that....

SarahA said...

You write the words I cannot yet feel within me. Beautiful, you.

Shadow said...

sad words of longing for that what was...

deepazartz said...

Sad and Beautiful!! Loved it!

"Me without you…

Is like a grey cloud
That holds the tears
That have been shed
By the multitudes."

I liked it best:)

Have a great life ahead!