Sunday, May 3, 2009



reaching within, reaching out
for you

wanting so, to touch your hands
your face

to hold it
to behold it

yet knowing full well
the tide, it comes, it goes

the tide, like you,
comes within my reach
then releases back to the sea

but each time the waves roll in
there is something different!
something new!
something beautiful!
never the same twice

always a sweet surprise
a new depth to be discovered

this is what I see in you, Baby!

and this is why,
I'm still reaching!

© Calli 2009

image source: ruth


Cori Lynn Berg said...

A great description of that hungry desire for someone! Gnawing! Thanks for sharing, Calli!

Cynthia said...

Perceptively written, the sweet
longing for that kite-of-a-lover,
who comes and goes, each time with
a piece of our heart.

James Oh said...

Full of real sweet sensation that drives me to press on.........and look forward to reaching . Thanks for your sweet boaster.
Grace and peace to you, Calli.

Steve E. said...

Beautiful, Calli--great to be back (Bach!).

Each piece of my heart that has been taken, usually grows back, but it does leave a little scarring, a reminder of what was, what is, or what might have been.

John-Michael said...

How I do love your 'Reaching,' Calli, Dear Love. For, in your reaching, you open your Self to willing vulnerability and trust ... forsaking the defenses that would try to hold back and hinder the Tide's withdrawal. You exercise Love in such an endearing way!

Lovingly ...

Shadow said...

keep reaching, this is amazing!

Angelynn said...

The imagery of the tide bringing and taking is awesome. Very nice poem. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I enjoy yours very much also. Namaste. Angelynn