Monday, August 24, 2009

free fall...beautiful tears...2 for 1

Interlude of sorrow
Amid profound silence
That beckons
“Be with me”…

Arduously meditating before a precipice
Am I strong enough? love
Without promise or expectancy?
Can I withstand the probabilities?
Can this love truly fulfill?

"let go

"reason has no place
in matters of the heart."

"you have loved with promises,
and where did that get you?"

Bearings none,
Or limited, at best.

Walled in
A chance,
A chance to break free.

Dare I step into this unknown?
Love, uncondemned
Sans the pain of a contemptuous rage

To be loved with a
Sacredness felt only
In the deepest caverns of the heart

The inner Chalice or Holy Grail
The capacity of which stuns,
and sends even the coldest of hearts to their knees

Dare I step?
Dare I linger here?
insulated from all exterior intrusions
Or will fate take position
and force movement?

is this
my time

Free fall?..

image source: m_xx_155_by_scarabuss

Beautiful tears
They fall
They beckon
Want me by (his) side

Truth be told, no other place
Would feel as natural

Beautiful, sacred tears
They have a knowing
Beyond (our) comprehension
They perceive what the mind cannot
They call upon the heart
Take cues from the soul
They plead

Wake up!
Declare this love!

This is YOUR chance
At a lasting, all-encompassing love

Be still in mind
Energetic in soul
Blazing in heart

But, GRAB HOLD this resplendent love

© 2009

image source: February__Get_ink__shed_tears__by_TristanGreer


CherryVomit said...

I like your poem. I write poetry myself.

Check out my blog if you want.

Comments and a follow would be greatly appreciated. =]

Karen said...

Calli, I am crossing my fingers and holding my breath on this one for you. I wish you may, I wish you might!! xxooxx

Shadow said...

amazing words here today. this are the simplest, true words... "reason has no place
in matters of the heart."

laughingwolf said...

in matters of the heart, advice is superfluous... just go for it, and damn the consequences

Dulce said...

Beautiful words again...
Life is risky, even when you do not make a move. So better take it and not leave it.

Laura said...

I cried. Your words move me. LOVE These Calli...

Chuck Dilmore said...

i don't know
how you're doing this
but you're doing this
so beautifully and prolifically!