Saturday, August 15, 2009

he said, she said...

Dialogue from: a Love Story in Progress

He said, “Baby, you make the Sun wish it shined more brightly!”

She said, “Thank you, Baby! You’re something sweet!”

He said, “How would you choose to spend forever?”

She said, “Loving you, what else!”

He said, “Well, Darling, that can be arranged.”

She said, “I hope I can handle it”

He said, “I’ll be with you, every step of the way!”

She said, “Good! That’s the way I like it! Now, are you hungry? Because, I’m

He said, "That is exactly why I love you! You know how to
have fun, how to laugh, when to be serious, when to be silly.”

She said, “I couldn’t be any other way. And, I am so happy you like who I am.”

He said, “Like, love, adore, and everything in between.”

She said, (while sighing deeply) “I feel the very same, about you.”


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wylde otse said...

i bet sometimes fairy tales come true

Cynthia said...

I remember this conversation, or something very similar --before, during, & after 23 years of marriage -- yes, my fairy tale became my life. :)

Shadow said...

this is just the best. may love rule!

Dulce said...

Dear Calli,
It is the first time I see your blog & I must admit it is superb. I love it. And this love post > awesome.
Im looking forward to a dream come true like that

laughingwolf said...

fun times, calli ;)

jonas wunderman said...

excellent post!!!

jonas :)

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I like this one very much - we should all have conversations like this - often.

Calli said...

wylde otse~ sometimes, yes! maybe it just takes believing!

Cynthia~ Hope you're doing well. You are so fortunate to have a fairy tale life. You are blessed.

Shadow~ Thank you! and YES! May LOVE rule!!! :)

Dulce~ Thank you so much. I also loved your blog and will visit again soon. And, may your dreams come true!

laughingwolf~ Absolutely, fun times!

Jonas~ Welcome and thank you so much for your visit and comment. I'll be by very soon. :)

Deb~ Oh, yes, very often. And, it's especially a beautiful thing to be so comfortable with a love that communication can flow so openly and lovingly.

Thank you ALL!


Rainbow dreams said...

those are the best conversations...hope this is a real one :) Katie