Saturday, August 8, 2009

no words...

no words
just touch...

sweet lips
tender and true

giving eyes and heart

sacred language of soul

a knowing
a resonance that tells
where to place fingertips,

secret language
simply saying,
profoundly saying

i l o v e y o u

© 2009

image source: tinypic+s1842d by Short2000


Deb Kirkeeide said...

How many of us dream of that unspoken language and when experienced, are awestruck at how the other knew just how to speak to your soul without words?
Your words perfectly describe that moment.
I love how you are able to speak and paint from your soul.

I do agree with Mr. Dilmore's comment in an earlier post - a book is in order!

Steve E. said...

Calli, all that stands between you and a book is a H.U.G.E. load of hard work...and then piles of more work, and then--if it is a success--another great amount of work.

But I'm all for it. If you lived here, we'd help you put it together.

Calli said...

Deb~ That is incredibly generous of you! Thank you for your high praise and lovely comment!... A book is not something I had considered. I honestly have not viewed myself as a serious writer or poet, but perhaps, I should? ...You, Mr. D and Steve, Hmmm, are all making me re-think this?

thank you so very much~

Deb Kirkeeide said...

We are your support and mastermind group! As artists, we all need that support don't we?! keep thinking about it - as an intuitive person you will find your answers....

laughingwolf said...

the three most endearing words, calli

Calli said...

Deb, you're so kind, thank you! I will keep thinking about it and yes, we all need that support. It's vital!

...and thank you, laughingwolf!

Shadow said...

sometimes words are just not necessary... beautiful, calli!

Chuck Dilmore said...

you've got
a book in you.

words - feelings
pictures - more feelings
all bound beautifully, with love.

you can do
what you do
to make anything you like!


Rainbow dreams said...

some things are just felt...the most wonderful mystery
Beautiful as ever :)