Sunday, August 30, 2009

tears beseech...

tears beseech

release and heal
thine heart
for it needs to lay open
in order to accept and invite love

tears beseech

i am like a child
feeling closed off
i do not hear
i shut out this plea from my tears

time passes...

in the distance
a Cello begins to play...

i fall apart...

damn those tears
they got through
they know exactly
what breaks me

wide open
broken open


tears beseech
tears beseech that i

can be free


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Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...


Your poetry is hauntingly beautiful, as is your blog. Loved hearing The Blower's Daughter in the background while reading your words.

I feel like I step into another world when I come here.

Chuck Dilmore said...

tears are rain
let them come
let them set you free
and tomorrow things will be clear

laughingwolf said...

tears, sleep and dreams... all so cathartic

nicely done, calli...

Steve E. said...

Calli, I'm still here, reading, enjoying, admiring, and being grateful for people like you who use your muse...for people like me, to lift us one step higher than where we are.