Wednesday, August 5, 2009

her muse...

her muse... 12 x 16 ~ acrylic on canvas

she is from another time

she walks in beauty

amidst her English garden
surrounding her English cottage

her muse...

she dreams of days gone by
she treasures these moments
shared with Mother Earth

she herself has been muse to many

yet she dreams

of a love that pleases her
as much as her flowers do...



Shadow said...

ooooo, this is definately a favourite!

~CJ said...

This one has a nice natural feeling to it, in more ways than one! :)

Laura said...

Very nice Calli, calm and peaceful, a daydream kind of feel.
Love and Light, Laura

Chuck Dilmore said...

lovely, Calli!

surreal, but poignant, believable.
beautiful, quiet emotion here!
i love it!

Gary Keimig said...

i agree with Chuck. Very serene but surealistic feel. Nicely done and presented

wylde otse said...

a beautiful presence