Thursday, August 13, 2009

more WIP's in progress...

she's untitled & just a portion of the painting
11 x 14 oil on canvas

pondering him...a close-up version...12 x 16
oil on canvas

a peek of a special project...a rather large 30" x 30" project...this is only a fraction...

I have been creating WIP's like a crazed woman. I do have my moments...;)
I work on several pieces at a time as I wait for the oil paints to dry and because I lack in patience. So I begin another piece. It's how I work. These were
created while listening to Keith Urban. I rarely listen to country music, but I love him and 'Stupid Boy'...well, I just love to crank that song!

Until we meet again...


wylde otse said...

i like your art

Chuck Dilmore said...

many facets
of the same
multi-faceted girl.

these are awesome!
someone's on fire!

Mariana Soffer said...

Beautiful paintings indeed, I like them a lot, my mom is a paintor herself, and she dedicates mostly to human figures, I guess it is because she is a medical doctor and was always atracted to the anatomy of people.

Mariana Soffer said...

I was thinking you can check my next post, because it is related to art and the brain, maybe you are intersted in that.
Take care

Cynthia said...

The painting with you seated looks
as if you are contemplating a decision you have made, but it
makes you sad becasue you know in
your heart it is not the right
decision; perhaps a decision made
because of fear.

Your half-face paintings are still
more of a mystery to me.
Maybe, Calli you are saying that
the true you is not really being
revealed, or only half [der} of
you is what you will only reveal.
However, your eyes say you want
to reveal more.

I know, I have a wild imagination.


Calli said...

I had to address these great comments:

wylde otse~ why, thank you! and for your lovely comments on Mia!

Chuck~ Thank you very much. Always love your thoughts!

Mariana~ Thank you for your visit and comments. I will be sure to stop by very soon. Very interesting about your Mom being a medical doctor and a painter. That's just intriguing, wow!

Cynthia~ I love how, and the fact that you interpret my paintings! The half-face stems from my original 'signature photo' on my business cards and website. I always felt my half-face somehow lent itself to my site name: Soul Reflections in least that is what I thought originally...:)...Ooo, giving away my secrets ;)

I love all of your visits and comments, thank you again...

Delwyn said...

Hello Calli

it has been a lovely visit to your blog, seeing your artwork and the accompanying lines...
You are a talented artist and one who obviously loves her work...

Happy days