Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brother Sun ~ Sister Moon...

crimson light
furled and unfurled
rolls across the horizon
beating blood red
pulse of the Sun himself.

comes full, rests for the night
taken over by Moon herself
yet, shared this night
one far east one far west
synergistic motions as each professed

Brother Sun
Sister Moon

have you enjoyed your day?
your night?
as i have, as i am

beauty in daybreak
beauty in nightfall


oh, if we only knew, what they
collectively 'see' in a given day
a given night?
oh, how we would pray.

Brother Sun
Sister Moon

do sing us your heavenly tune...

photo and words by ©
apropos that i captured this photo friday evening while
driving here to visit my brother...:)


Steve E. said...

Never know what to expect from Calli--but dear Calli, I know it will be beautiful, spiritual, worthy, uplifting. And a certain happiness will ensue!

Noelle said...

This is absolutely beautiful ... love it!

Gerry Boyd said...

Wow, Calli. A perfect set of perfect words elucidating the beauty of duality. The first stanza is wonderfully elegant. Bravo! Thanks for sharing this.

spottedwolf said...

well said Calli...well said...

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Very beautiful, Calli. Your words, my thoughts...seem to walk the same path!

Chuck Dilmore said...

1 person
took this incredible photograph
AND penned these words?

show me this person, this... Calli!

bravo, Miss!

Catvibe said...

Oh Calli my sis, this is beautiful. I especially love this:
oh, if we only knew, what they
collectively 'see' in a given day
a given night?
oh, how we would pray.

But that you have called it this, brings me back to one of my favorite stories told in Zefferelli's movie, which I know you have seen. Because we are like St. Claire in that soft moon and seeing way. She's our sister too.

Mariana Soffer said...

Beautifull poem, kind of a sweet one, hopeful, enjoy day, enjoying night, enjoy all the oposite things because both sides are beautifull, always.

Shadow said...

the majesty of our heavenly bodies...

Rainbow dreams said...

oh how we would pray..

this is beautiful serenity, captured...


laughingwolf said...

just superb, thx calli :)

Calli said...

Thank you all for such lovely comments. I appreciate each & every one of them.

I am blessed with the best followers and friends...thank you very much!


John-Michael said...

So very nice Being here with You ... knowing the stirrings, sensations, and suggestions - together.

So very generous of You to share the Time ... to Be openly welcoming - to All.

So very Dear ... You are.

Kuan Gung said...

Beautiful absolutely...