Tuesday, August 11, 2009

lessons in love...

when love falls upon you…

it takes hold of your breath
your heart catches, races
you then find yourself
body & soul
in a deep, deep sigh…

love, love is pain and beauty all at once

what are we without both? for we would
never know what it’s like to feel, to breathe,
to truly be alive, ah, but the pain, the scars
they bleed; they filter over into everyday life.
as much as we try to conceal, they are there…

at times, the pain catches in your throat
strangling your words,
your thoughts
your mind…

it is like a war within
fight to love!
love to love! and be loved!

at times, love ~ so intoxicating!

right or wrong?
we love
right or wrong?
i look at you through divine eyes
and love with same…

eyes that do not judge
i can only love

and allow your love to tear down my walls
both seen and unseen

how can this love be wrong?
this cannot be wrong
and if I truly love with divine eyes
then those eyes see nothing but love
no barriers
just truths
love – the pureness of

no matter where this love takes us…

i will always love you.

because when we love, we just do.
it is just the way it is…

try to explain to your heart, to mine
that we love? it needs no explanation
it just is…

...it is easy to allow love to capture us
fighting it is insanity
for love takes hold

takes hold…
and love is simply love


image source: 1113nq3+ramblinvirg

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." Emily Bronte


laughingwolf said...

absolutely, calli... it just IS :)

Steve E. said...

You have so much going here, Calli. Of course, the poems are, ah...nice. But I enjoy the galleries, and ya know what?

My favorite is still the LADY IN RED.

I used her once as my blog picture (remember, with permission!) and admiringly put her up as background on my monitors now and then.

It is interesting how your art work has developed, it's almost like watching a child grow into teenage years.

I hope I live long enough to view and enjoy the "adult" Calli work!

Thank you so much, lady!

Calli said...

laughingwolf~ yes, it just IS and that is a beautiful thing!

Steve~ I love that you enjoy Lady in Red...thank you, and I can only hope that I also live to 'adulthood' ;) so that I can 'see' my potential realized. It has been like taking baby steps, in a very real way :) ...You my dear will be around for a very, very long time. I insist on it!

thank you so much~

Catvibe said...

Oh...this just touches me so deeply sis. Is this love really possible? I want to feel this, and yet I know I have, but only in such a fleeting way, for oh too short a time. It is such a dream....

Printemps said...

Calli, Your Blog is my favorite blog for sensual appeal and aesthetics.

Shadow said...

this says it all "because when we love, we just do. it is just the way it is…" perfect line

Chuck Dilmore said...

whoaaa... Calli!

you get
so much
from 1 photograph...

you SEE inspiration
but you also create it! amplify it!

beautiful wordplay...
like an extension of the image.

Rainbow dreams said...

so very very beautiful.. and so very true, parts of the same whole, that keeps on growing :)