Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i turn towards you...

thoughts take their turn
as my face turns to meet your imagined gaze
and my body moves to be caressed by your imagined hands

as your imagined breath meets mine
as your presence stills my heart

your sweet lips lightly touch upon my cheek

i turn, as turning towards you
is all that i can do.

you, sending pleasure
up & across
the meridian of my body, my soul

i tingle
i arch my back as my mind drifts
sweetly, in and out
of this subtle but
unmistakable bliss


© 2009

image source: 028-ohlsson (i do hope this lovely image does not offend anyone. i have wanted to use it for a long time. i love it, and felt it a perfect match for my words)...


Chuck Dilmore said...

for your
book of Calli poems~

Rainbow dreams said...

so sensual, so gorgeous..
and no offence at all.. it's beautiful and a perfect match, katie x

Karen said...

Imagined gazes, imagined hands, imagined breath - all lead to sweet dreams, Calli. Very sensual poem!

Snowbrush said...

When women photographers celebrate female beauty, it so often looks different from that of male photographers, or so I imagine.

Shadow said...

this is enticing.... beautiful words!

laughingwolf said...

love/lust often go well together...