Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I love and am Grateful for...

Quite awhile ago, several blogger friends were composing gratitude and meme lists. Listing those things that are held dear to each of them. I have finally composed my here it is. i wish it were in its entirety, but that would take up a lot of space. I'd be here all day...

Things I Love and am Grateful for...

at the very top: my Children and my Family... and Being in love!
and with that said, the remainder of the list goes on in NO particular order.

the rain,
country churches,
the breeze when it crosses my face or the face of a lover,
when a man i love touches my face, this wickedly reminds me of the scene from 'The Way We Were' when Barbra Streisand (Katie) brushes her gloved hand to move Robert Redford (Hubbell's) hair. i die a little, each time i see that.
the sound of children's laughter, the joy of seeing a child read their first words and learn to fall in love with books,
the reciprocated love and joy my pup Oliver and I share,
having my own home, kissing a man i love, being kissed by a man i love.
that feeling that tells you, oh yes, i'm in love, you know that feeling of butterflies
and i can't wait to be near him; the hunger, the longing.
holding a man i love, being able to look at him and know inside the
incredible love i have for him, but also knowing what a deep sense of respect and pride, i have as well. Loving the fact that I get to be with (him). How lucky am I? Not many people can say that, and to me you know you're in a good place when you have that sense of being proud of 'who' your partner is, and he has the same feelings about you.
books and the truly magical world they open up.
art, painting, sculpting, writing, music, poetry, literature
philosophy, & all things metaphysical and mystical...
the beach
when the Sun streams through the clouds
photography ~ (i own numerous camera's ).
a great film
a great performance by a talented actor/actress
a great movie soundtrack
fresh, crisp high-thread count sheets
the scents of lavender and vanilla combined ~ heavenly
bubble baths
spiced pair, green apple spice or cinnamon scents or candles.
a great cup of coffee
going barefoot
acoustic guitar
the cello
road trips with a spontaneous flair, example: let's see where the road takes us...
great conversations
flowers and gardening
an intelligent man,
a man with a sense of humor to die for! (that should also be at the top) after being in LOVE, but then again, that's usually the 'quality' that puts me over-the-edge for him.
a man who knows how to cherish and loves to be cherished in return.
the smell of the dryer running, especially when it hits the air outside
(strange i know, but i love that!) i could just stand there and inhale it.
okay this one is strange also, but i love the smell of gas while pumping gasoline at the gas station. (don't worry, i inhale in moderation ;-)
tomato and Hellman's mayonnaise sandwiches.
homemade guacamole and salsa,
sushi and avocado veggie rolls with wasabi sauce (i could live on those).
mashed potatoes with homemade gravy.
(okay, that's enough of food stuff because i could go on and on).
being so exhausted you just crash in the deepest way into an incredibly
fabulous nap, preferably while swaying in a hammock. even more preferred, in a hammock for two!
Jeep Wranglers
my favourite season of Autumn. there is no other time when i feel
more ME, that's part of what the season does for me, tho i can't even put it into words.
All of my friends and neighbors, big & small (they are the best ever!)
Golden Retrievers. especially Emma & Jenny my neighbors dogs, they're sisters.
New England, my heaven, my home away from home. If I could be there full-time, I think I'd relocate.
panoramic views
food again, cheesecake, carrot cake, oh shoot me before i go on...
I love a great many things and I have learned a long time ago, to be grateful, to
thank God for all these things in my life, both big and small. I honor each one of them...Honestly, this list could go on and on and there are things and people who come into my life on a regular basis and I simply have no choice but to become, even more grateful.

I am also grateful for each & every one of YOU!


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Chuck Dilmore said...

incredible compilation!
i can relate.

i don't think i've known anyone besides self who loves the smell of petrol. ever since childhood, it means yer goin' somewhere!

a list says much about a person.
very cool.


Karen said...

This is a wonderful list of things we should all be grateful for. My lazy weekend self just wants to ditto your list and then come hang out with you! I think we're sisters!

Steve E. said...

Calli, I am one of those "YOUs" and I appreciate being one of--even though it is the bottom of the list.

I am just (now) writing a short gratitude list for my blog...I'd like to just link your site to my list.

With a couple simple gender changes,it could very well be mine. You are sweet to express yourself so honestly to us.

Thanks for this list and for so much else, Calli--friend!

Calli said...

Chuck~ You're so kind and so funny! You are also the only person I know who loves the smell of petrol. Yes, it does mean yer goin' somewhere! ;) Maybe, that is why I love road trips so much.
Only self-serve for moi! I wouldn't want to miss out!...

Karen~ You're a sweet one and I think we are sisters!

Steve~ YOU are one of the YOU's but dearest I stated that after children, family and being in love, the list was in NO particular order. So you did not come last! it was just my way of signing off ~ silly! ;) ...and thank you for what you said :)...

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Calli - I'm blown away by your list. I could have written it. I think you really are correct we are kindred spirits or perhaps soul sisters.