Monday, August 31, 2009

her voice...

her voice

choked off

once happy and free
to roam
 to witness
 to just be...

feels caged.

what was once vital and true
has brought serious blue...

it was her Signature, her way
to pour from the depths of her being
that is all she knew...

on paper
on canvas
in love

taken away

her essence 
her muse
what a price to pay

somewhere her 'freedoms right'
to share
(even if necessary)
no longer feels

her voice,

now shamed
now glass, 
reflected beauty

her voice now




image source: Calli...


Shadow said...

from so deep, so sad... a passing phase. i hope.

Calli said...

yes, a phase, this was me not censoring self and feeling the weight of boundaries, restraint, in feelings, in thoughts, in life. i wrote it this morning around 2:30 AM my time, so that may explain the feel behind it… i almost didn't post it, but decided that if i didn't, i would be censoring something that i felt that was real, yet is beginning to subside...and i would be denying ‘who’ i am if I were to close off my voice…

thank you my sweet friend~

Laura said...

never have so much of YOU to share...and it is such a fascinating and wonderful you ...every part...speaks to me. the happy , sad, enthusiastic, mad...I hear..smell, taste, and find a sos in all.. I adore you!

Calli said...

what an incredibly sweet thing to say, my sos, Laura!...i adore you too!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

You seem to have repeated themes (even in your header) about being caged, trapped, never able to leave, seeking freedom . . . seems so plaintive and sad. I can really relate, having felt trapped at one point in my life. Freedom is such a fundamental human need.
Beautiful, haunting work Calli.

Calli said...

Bonnie~ Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts.

The header where it says: you may enter but you may never leave, I confess that came with my background and I have been unable to remove it...:)

...but the new image with the woman walking is my all time favourite image to depict that 'need for freedom', so I post that image from time to time. it mostly signifies freedom of spirit, freedom of love...freedom to express...i just love it! she matches my bohemian soul!

Cynthia said...

I don't suppose you channeled me right now? It was her signature of being.... what a price to pay
I was wondering this morning if this is what shattered feels like.

Thanks for your poetry--- it finds my own voice.

Liam said...

Wow! What an incredibly great looking blog.

Noelle said...

Calli...stopping by to catch up on you...amazing stuff you have written - keep it coming, girl!!