Friday, July 31, 2009

in celebration of 'green'...

green countryside ~ watercolour ~ 2004
me in my office...

studio pic - oop, no green here...but there's my drafting table...yes, i spotted green, my coffee mug and hooker's green paint (love it)...i did say i was crazy about green?
Logan's 'New York City'...from first grade art show! (bridge, water & shoreline)...
Alex's 'Picasso Me' from 3rd grade art show! (yet titled Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and it resembles the Grinch- also green in colour... (she wasn't happy with that comment)...;)
what else? me in half...
texture texture texture

again a hodge podge of's been a busy week and yet
hardly a moment for painting. hence, the WIP (work-in-progress.) i swear that should be my middle name. somehow this turned into a 'green' post. green is my favourite colour and also seems to be a colour that my kids like.
a wish for all of you to have a fabulous weekend. i am visiting family out of town, so i knew i wouldn't be able to post. do enjoy this last day of july and may august bring tons of fun & happiness...


~CJ said...


What a cool office, Calli!

I find green to be so relaxing too but your blues eyes are truly hypnotic. ;)

Thanks for sharing the pics and have a great weekend.

I've been very busy at work myself lately :/

Laura said...

Love your works in progress...have a great fun filled weekend! Love and Light, Laura

Steve E. said...

Calli, I cannot prudently express myself in blog comments, as I scrolled through these photo files of you and your "babies" in progress.

I will allow myself to say I am enthralled by these brief glimpses of your work, and your life.

Thank you.

Chuck Dilmore said...

great tour, Calli!

love your space
and your WIP!

travel safely...
and enjoy!


Shadow said...

i love your space there. the top painting is so... so.... serene. i love it!

Calli said...

Thanks guys~ you're all the best! I had a great extended weekend. Was filled with Sun and Fun! ... I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


Karen said...

First, let me say I love the look of the site - really nice layout and wonderful background! I also enjoy these sort of posts - I feel like I get to know you a little this way. I see the artistic talent has been passed down to your children!

I'd love to have "a room of my own" to steal a phrase!

Blessings, Calli. Can't wait to see the WIP P !

Calli said...


Thank you so much! I wasn't sure about using part of a painting as a background, but it does seem to work now. I'm so happy it's been well received.

My little artists will be thrilled to hear that! ty!

It's so important that we have 'our own' space or corner to create!

blessing for you!

Cynthia said...

This painting looks as if you
have a tought dilemma and cannot
see your way out.