Wednesday, July 22, 2009

changing like the wind...

18 x 24 acrylic on canvas

I've had this concept for a painting for a long time now. I did one a few years ago and decided to come back to this idea. My intention was/is to have this be a self-portrait with one (me) facing ahead and the other facing back. In other words, one me looking forward to a beautiful future and maybe a sadder version slightly looking back at her past. I had the best of intentions and it is not an easy thing to paint one's own likeness, especially two in one, at least not for me. I changed the one on the right's eyes 3 separate times, never fully satisfied. But here she is...she/her/they are not completed and I am not giving up. This one will be 'fraternal twins' or 'sisters' or 'sisters of the soul' (inspired by Laura :)

Actually I prefer the 'chin version' all by itself. Think I'll be painting more of those in the future. I love to see a partial face, hence my obsession with half-faces.
I will just keep on trying with a fresh new canvas after this one.

Striving for perfection? never!
Striving for the best ME I can be...


Laura said...

I really like this one Calli! I can't believe how prolific you are girl! I am amazed! The slight differences could mean the same thing as one looking forward and one back...two aspects of the same person...Great name SOS!
Love, Laura

Calli said...

Hugs back Laura and thank you so much! Absolutely!...

...and as I always say to Steve and others, they are all some aspect of me...and bonus: I have sooo much fun changing up my hair colour! ;)

have a great evening~

Noelle said...

Amazing stuff Calli!! You are so talented. :)

Calli said...

Oh, Noelle~ It's so good to see you!

...and thank you very much! :)~
enjoy your evening!

Chuck Dilmore said...

v. cool to see
how you breathe life
into your work!

beautiful, Calli!

Cynthia said...

The two sides of Calli. One face
appears open to vulnerability and
happiness as it comes in any
positive form. The other face
appears more contemplative, proud
of her astute mind, a bit of let
the world prove itself to me.

Interesting that you should use
the name Mia, my nickname short
for Cynthia-Marie.

Your art is becoming more accomplished and you go deeper
with each drawing.

Calli, I admire that you are not
afraid to look inward and reveal
what you feel is there.

Calli said...

Thank you Chuck, as always your comments are enriching for me.

...and Cynthia~

I am amazed at how you dissect the meaning behind my paintings. You seem to have a special connection to what you are viewing, sensing. That's more than what any artist could ask for.

love it all! was spot on!

...and Mia is such a lovely name and just sort of came to me. wow! and my heartfelt thanks for such beautiful and generous comments. I can only hope that my work evolves with each and every brushstroke.

happy weekend it is~filled with sunshine, (at least for my fellow New Yorker's...:)

Cynthia said...

Thanks a bunch of roses for your
kind response and for the cool

I'm fanatical about faces. I love to collect them is small ways.