Tuesday, July 7, 2009

heavenly horses...

heavenly horses
with their gorgeous lush manes
beauty gracing, grazing,
oh, how serene.

symbolizing freedom, power
and strength.

oh, to have one's own...

i am drawn to these

they're wild in spirit
for their spirit 'rides on the winds'
carrying wisdom and echos of past
they are life-force in action
and though they symbolize the force of life
they can also symbolize how quickly
life can be taken away.

you'll find them in legends
fairy tales
all throughout history
in times of war
in times of peace

they even find their way
into my dreams...

so many incarnations
though i love to see them free
saw some out west once
an amazing sight to see

yes, they still exist

wild mustangs
wild & free

like i want to be...

© Calli 2009

image source: 1102 stray_matter

* i find myself excited today having found
a new place to ride. The kids will enjoy lessons
one-on-one and I will partake in riding
when those 'rare moments' occur when it's
just me...i can't wait!

thank you Sandy!

ps~ new stuff at: G A R A H S T A H


Steve E. said...

Dear Wild Mustang!

A whole different world, yes. My sister and I each had our own horses.

Somewhere in the archives I have a blog about being age ten, loading up my horse Silver, riding way back on the farm (probably about a mile, seemed like four miles to me--because I was completely ALONE). Loved it!

And I camped for two days. Parents knew where I was. Oh Calli, ya done it this time--brought back another beautiful memory! I could write all evening about that weekend.

Steve E. said...

To get everything from you which you are 'giving' us...it takes me a long time to visit all the pictures, paintings, poems, drawings, photos, which you have assembled for our perusing enjoyment.

Thank you very much for allowing me (and others!)to observe, relax, and soak myself in your torrents of talent, Calli..

You are nice, girl!

Laura said...

Very cool! Enjoyed the poem and so excited for you and the kids to have a place to ride...horseback riding is a favorite of mine too. I dream frequently of Andalusian swans...which in doing some research...are horses with wings : )
I also eventually... must have a Mustang convertible!
Love and Light to you my friend!

Calli said...

Oh Steve, what an experience at the tender age of ten? How delightful! and you are brave, my kids would never camp alone, not sure I would either unless I had my six shooter with me...;0

a sneak peek of my kids can be found @GARAHSTAH, if you'd like...

and many, many thanks for your always heartfelt comments!

Laura~ Thanks so much! Wow, Andalusian swan horse dreams, that is completely magical and mystical - love that!

ps~ I love Mustang convertibles! but I'm going for a soft-top Jeep! :)

peace & wild dreams~

Chuck Dilmore said...

then ye shall ride!
(or at least pet, feed apples, enjoy!)

your poem is wonderful and
in time you will make it
unfold into reality.

'cause that's just what you do.

wylde otse said...

See, I'm riding my steed too (new profile pic)

Shadow said...

your love for horses shines through your very words.

spottedwolf said...

This reminds me of my older sister's passion for them and you'd love the herds which still exist in western Canada, Calli. They are absolutely awesome and quite dangerous as well. There has been major controversy regarding their plight to survive ..... much similar to some in the states.
Suzanne grew up with horses and used to ride into the foothills around Prince George as a teenager. She has shared many experiences with me....some fascinating in their danger as well like nightrides into a cabin on Tabor mountain.......