Friday, July 17, 2009

to be held this way...

Uncertainty, while falling slowly
Take away this veil
The illusions since multiplied
Having altered life and love

When was the last time I was ME?

Return me not to the place
On the cusp of right and wrong
Between shadows and reality
Plagued by misconceptions of
Proper living

and yet seeds of hope interplay with burdens
of everyday?

Life, death, solace, black hole

Drama scripted, Director - yell, no
scream, “CUT”!

Recesses of brain matter
Active and alive
Where live unexpected descents to
A perfect model of HELL


Clarity? Insight?


Wicked theatrical scenarios
Play out in melodramas
That draws a hungry crowd


Do they exist? Beyond this veil?

Ah, a cliché to be held this way
To be held this way…

© 2009

image source: hedislimane.com_fashiondiary
disclaimer: this is not ME nor MY life, just morning coffee musings...


One Way Ticket said...

Be happy. Life is full of joy and fun surprises. take care.

Steve E. said...

If these things are just "morning coffee musings", Calli--well it sure would be fun--a meaningfully-rewarding experience to have morning coffee and muse with you.

Aw, come on you reader-peeps! I'm being serious here.

As I was trying to say, Calli, I respect you. and I admire your work. a lot--tremendously! The multi-talents of Calli, these are our gifts this day.
Thank You, God!

Kuan Gung said...

and yet seeds of hope interplay with burdens of everyday? true, so very true

Cynthia said...

This delicate, wondering piece,
sounds like my Monday morning
musings, just much more poetic.

Each day becomes a veil, each incident, becomes another sash
to tie the veil, until one has
barely a voice and hearing is muffled.

The eyes just free enough to carry
out instructions, until the
blindfold can be properly adjusted
and one can be easily led by
a strong, but controlling hand.
And you wonder when it was you
became use to the hand, when
did the need grow, and are you
beginning to enjoy it?

Okay, sorry it's 5:00 in the morning and obviously I need some
pretty strong coffee, or perhaps
I should switch to tea! LoL!

Calli said...

One Way Ticket~ I am a happy girl, thank you for visiting again!

Kuan Gung~ lovely comment, thank you also!

I love all of your comments and appreciate each & every one!

Steve~ you are an absolute angel. Thank you for such beautiful and loving comments. you are a giant of a gem!

Cynthia~ I adore and so relate to what you wrote, and the sashes and the layers upon layers of veils. Indeed! Just a lovely poetic response, thank you!

ps~ I will never give up my coffee!

peace & love~

John-Michael said...

For You, Dear Dear Calli, to be held ... in any fashion or imagining ... could never be a cliché. Unique and wondrous would be each occasion of embracing ... from however far ... even the wisp of your Essence.

But then, this is but the conviction of One who has accepted and endorsed an unbridled (and thoroughly delightful) infatuation with You. Thus ... you would want to consider The Source. [adoring smile]