Wednesday, July 1, 2009

love, is it love?

is it love that binds him to her?
or is it a mere fascination with the
possibility of what could be?

reality says, it is not her he
loves, just the idea of her.

she is more than what he sees.
she has gone deeper than most.
she has been shaken.
there is so
much more to her.

it takes a special breed,
a special man

to entice her
to arouse her
to stimulate her intellect
to awaken her to even the idea
of him.

yet there is always that something.
she cannot put her finger on.
something that makes her take two steps
back after she's just taken a major step forward.
like a roller-coaster in her heart
love sends her up and over
near and far.
back & forth.

she does not trust.
simply put,
she cannot trust.

she wants him, one man to love her,
only her.

if he loves another
or is enticed by another,
he is not for her.

her heart claims sadness at the thought
as it creates a deep, dark pain.


she does not want to feel this way,
anxious, hurt, uncertain.

he can bring her to her knees,
because she has come to love him so.
yet, he does not know.
he does not know!

to her it is real
to her it is sacred
to her it is what makes her world go round.

yet, he does not know.

© Calli 2009

image source: Evening Rose by Irish artist ~ Ken Hamilton
(love this artist, love his work!)


Gerry Boyd said...

So sadly true, so sadly true. Bravo!

Karen said...

Calli, you are ever the romantic heart. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful painting.

laughingwolf said...

the only sure way to know is to become vulnerable, yet again, but maintain a tighter grip on her heart until all fears are assuaged...

Laura said...

Oh my GOD! I so KNOW this one! I absolutely...positively love it!
I so need to send it to someone... to read ; )...but alas...he doesn't know...

Catvibe said...

My god, you speak the truth in my heart so beautifully.

Steve E. said...

Does he not know, or does he not wish to know (fear?).

Calli, your new pictures (photos) are simply beautiful! Truly. I'm proud of ya, girl, for "doing" the job.

You could now model anywhere anytime--but who would want that kind of life? Hmmmmmm?

Shadow said...

this kind of 'love' happens a lot. yet is it love?

Chuck Dilmore said...

she will find him...
the him thats right and
good for her - 'cause she's got so much to offer!

~CJ said...

Poignant and sad

I can relate to these verses in particular:

"is it love that binds him to her?
or is it a mere fascination with the possibility of what could be?

reality says, it is not her he
loves, just the idea of her."

We can create an illusion of perfect love in our minds that rarely meets up with reality, alas.

spottedwolf said...

sounds more like co-depency to me...the kind of stuff we get taught in fairy-0tales which ends up blowing holes in our auras like a "chakric-cannon". My mother taught me to believe in tyhis kind of love and she martyred herself to its imagery through romance novels her entire life. The only good that came from it was the long road it inspired me to travel in search of a better, stronger, view of the weaknesses of my selves in believing such exists. I once wrote a verse regarding "potential" because the idea of all encompassing "love" like this requires I lose complete touch with myself.

Calli said...

Thank you all for your comments!

You know, I think love takes many forms. It has been that way throughout our entire existence and that, will never change. If we do not have love, then why in the hell are we here? I agree to an extent with your comment, Dennis, but I feel that we are capable of transcending the 'bullshit' and can actually come to a point where we not only love and are loved in return, but that we are able to become more beautifully ourselves in the process, not sacrificing who it is we are, but enhancing who it is we are.
I think that is what it is all about. Striving for that ideal! If we are in the right situation, we love fully, passionately, we trust and in return become our very best selves.

Relationships and love are the very reason we are here, as painful as that is.

and I for one will always believe in the fairy tale love because dammit, if someone's imagination created such, then it exists or has the opportunity to exist!

much love & happy 4th!

spottedwolf said...

Good .........I was a little worried that you might have lost yourself somewhat of late, from what I've been following in your poetry, and so I chose to question your motive and motif.

The ideas of romantic love do exist in the dimensions...right along the planes of Gods and Goddesses. This comes forth to mundane existence in the era referred to as poets and writers lift themselves from the dark ages. However, once the "romantic" versions become twisted among the other threads of personality....we seem to lose ourselves to "fancies" instead of the full recognition that such a notion can only be accomplished by the unadulterated self. All supposed "kinds" of love actually exist under one covenant.....that of true 'self' love/knowledge. There can be no perfect reflection until we fully see the "truth" of our own reflection. The offer is always there in the imagination....but as you state relevant to must be created in "truth" for it to exist. Earned is the word.

SarahA said...

Your words ring true, you. They ring ever true.

Laura said...

I just love this poem...and i enjoy reading all the comments on love. Calli, I second what you said in response and raise my glass...or my mug of coffee...and toast LOVE and the many facets of it..and to believing that fairy tale love is possible...and achievable...with hard work on oneself and faith.
I am so glad that you share this art with us.
Namaste my friend,