Monday, July 27, 2009

where i dreamt you, you found me...

i dreamt of you

each time i walked

along this sandy beach

for as long as i can remember

you were dreamed upon

i wondered when and from

where you would arrive

knowing in my heart of hearts

that one day you would be here with me

i relinquished myself to this knowing

it sustained me

and yet, my heart ached for you

ached fervently and at times, lost faith

but faith stood its ground

and you arrived

on my favourite beach

on my favourite shore

sans the white steed

with a flowing mane

but alas you arrived

sand between your toes

as you walked toward me

hands outstretched

taking me to your chest

placing a kiss;

the sweetest kiss upon my forehead,

upon my lips


i felt your love long before

your arrival and

now that

you are here, as i gaze

into your sinfully beautiful brown eyes

my heart is content

beyond my wildest dreams

the longing has been fulfilled

you are my dream

you are my white knight

you are my love

now we stand


hand in hand

on that same beach

on that same shore


pay homage to

the place where

our souls were fused in holy

induced love...

© 2009

image source: on beach


Steve E. said...

Calli, you are staying wonderfully busy these days. Somethin' goin' on we might like to know about? Hmmmmm?

As long as you put out (output?) the poetry, prose, and paintings, I'll be here to enjoy the talents God bestowed upon you.

You use those talents so well.

Catvibe said...

Oh Calli that is just so very gorgeous. I'm so sorry I've been scarce. It's been a crazy month. So lovely to return here and get to read this exquisite poem.

Shadow said...

as always, so heartwarming and filled with love...

Karen said...

Beautifully, wonderfully romantic! Love the flavor of fulfillment in this one.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

oh, I thought this was MY dream.

Thank you for your recent visit and lovely thoughts. It was very much appreciated.

laughingwolf said...

very well said, calli... a piece of heaven!

Des said...

Excellent post. Your blog is a real pleasure to read.

Chuck Dilmore said...


Cynthia said...

A beautiful poem Calli. Romantic
longing fulfilled. Very Tender.