Tuesday, July 7, 2009


vacant heart
gazing at the midnight moon a work-in-progress
and a bad imitation of Vanna...lol

messages of the hawk

still life exploration


often when i am viewing art online, i find it very difficult to imagine the size of the actual pieces. this is one of the reasons why galleries and showings exist. so, here is a mini-showing of some of my work
with me standing next to them. felt funny doing these, felt like a bad imitation of Vanna White ;0 - but you get the idea and those that inquired about photos. here they are!

* and looking this over I think i gave 'perspective a shot, but failed miserably'...i cut off each and every painting...ah, well,
back to the drawing board!

much love~


~CJ said...

Well there you are in all of your glory!

What Beautiful art and lovely blue eyes you have :)

I'm the same way about pics though.
I always take pics of others and rarely of myself anymore.

Laura said...

I loved the visit to your gallery! You are so awesome and talented! Thanks for sharing...You are gorgeous! both inside and out!
Love and Light always to you,

Chuck Dilmore said...

Ummm, actually?
you just put Vanna to shame!
(and people who know me know that she's an 11 on my scale of 1 to 5.)

i love seeing you with your work!
it really does bring everything to life, Calli!
lots of amazing choices, here!


wylde otse said...

thanks... I like this one a lot....nice to see the size.

Escapist said...

“To begin with, our perception of the world is deformed, incomplete. Then our memory is selective. Finally, writing transforms.”

Jolliiesssss !!!!!!!!

Calli said...

Thank you for those most generous and 'pink-cheek producing' comments.

I am still blushing...:)

happy weekend!

ps~wylde oats~
I've known a few steeds like that ;)

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen & Dennis Magnusen said...

Wonderful art on your blog. I especially like "Vacant Heart". The image of the woman (you) exudes many different emotions against the patina styled background. Listening to the music on this blog while viewing the images, "Vacant Heart" as well as the others, causes the viewer to feel the intrigue of spirit provoked by you. Tis good!

Thank you so much for your compliment of "Bleeding Wings" on my blog. I suspect we have many of the same angels and demons.

If you Twitter, do connect! http://www.twitter.com/kathysart

Happy day, Kathy

Calli said...

Kathy~ Thank you for such a lovely comment on my work and blog.

I just started to twitter the other day...

I'll see you there! :)

I too suspect we have many of the same angels and demons.