Sunday, July 5, 2009

the morning after...

~ Alexandra~


hope you all had a lovely 4th. i think this year was the best one yet!
we had a fabulous time up on the hill in front of my home at the neighbors pond. they were having a huge family reunion this weekend and because (we) are treated like family we were there.

as usual, my camera was finicky (or maybe the operator of said camera - more likely ;0)
anyway, took several shots and only got lucky a couple of times. after the fireworks i commented to my friend Jason (the conductor or big kid firestarter), "hey awesome job"..."loved your finale"..."loved your encore"..."but dammit, didn't capture it on film." ..."battery was exhausted about 10 minutes into it,... "i forgot to charge it"...his response, "THAT'S NOT LIKE YOU!" - oh, some people know me so well! :)

i don't ever post pics of my kids, but today i break my own rule.
they had a blast, but it was COLD OUT! tho the bonfire helped!

have a great day!
ps~ came home to a visibly shaken havanese pup, named Oliver, but i soothed him
back to his comfort zone, in mommy's arms.


Karen said...

Beautiful children, Calli! It was too rainy here for the fireworks. :-(

It was cold, too - sweatshirt weather, but my big, loud southern family made our own fun!

CJ said...

Nice pics and your children are adorable.

Now if we could only get you to posts more pics of you but I know you are probably like me... camera shy :)

Chuck Dilmore said...

your fireworks pics are awesome, and
your kids are just stunning!

thanks for the glimpse, Calli!