Sunday, July 26, 2009

Conn's Song...

Conn’s Song

this gift he possesses
startled my hardened heart
for ‘it’ somehow felt known

he is the elusive one
shrouded in mystery

though his heart glows with a pureness
that cannot be missed
a caring, gentle, selfless soul
who has lived sorrows
though sheds them not on others

a warrior soul with a weathered start
he’s filled with light and love
as if sent from heaven above

a bit of a prophet
a bit of a seer
who is sure to endear

he’ll walk about
as he visits your inner world
he’ll capture
the ‘essence’ of you
you’ll wonder aloud “how this could be true?”

a bastard not
or an orphan be
he was a gift, if only
bestowed upon me.

© 2009

This was a poem written in early 2009 for my friend Conn,
in thanks for his beautiful poem, 'Calli’s Song' that he so
beautifully created for me. This was my humble thanks, though
it could not compare.

If you’ve not yet read 'Calli’s Song' and you
would enjoy doing so, please find it a few posts down below.
image source: Feels_like_forever_by_Yassser84 on deviantart ~location: Dalky, Ireland


Steve E. said...

Well, I just read "Calli's Song" and I'm copying it so I can get a better feel for it in 'Black-on-White' and I can 'see' it better--that's what I really mean -grin!

I can 'feel' stuff, even when I cannot see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, smell it--believe that.

Always a pleasure--always fun, Calli!
(Steve, get serious!)

wylde otse said...

touched by the angel within :o)

Chuck Dilmore said...

THAT is an incredible gift!
a tribute!

i need to see what inspired such beauty!
nice, nice going, Calli!

Cynthia said...

This is glowing with emotion, the first four stanza made me think of my hubby before he got ill... hoping he comes back to me

-- anyhow, you inspire and I happened to get one of those very scary 'awards!'
Watermelon 10 for people who share their creative spirit and your spirit is just haunting I had to share some of that juicy watermelon with you!

Mariana Soffer said...

It sounds really romantic, like he is a hero, he is fantastic, I would be glad if I find him and have him with me only for an hour.
I think that you must be in love to write something like that.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Your writing is beautiful Calli. What a gift you have. And what a beautiful gift from Conn. Just lovely.

Shadow said...

wow, conn sounds like a great person...