Thursday, July 16, 2009

studio mish mash...

a basket to hold miscellaneous paint & sculpting tools

handy flower pot that doubles as a brush holder (tan one)

canvas brush roll-up case ~ keeps my finest brushes safe and sound...

expanding studio shelving

close~up prairie storm

prairie storm
12 x 24 mixed-media on masonite

these are just a few pics from my expanding studio. i am having fun creating a larger working studio. i have several ideas in the mix. tools of the trade are numerous. i can find many of my art supplies at my local hardware store and at a nearby art store. various things inspire like my brand new (delivered today) PotteryBarn catalog. i love and use their wall paint colours. the problem is each time i paint a room, PB comes out with an even better colour. i am a colour junkie. oh i digress...what i love most about this issue is the architect's drafting table for $999 and I have one even sturdier that i refurbished years ago simply for the cost of sandpaper, paint and wood stain. it's priceless to me...someday, i'll photograph mine and post it. i am adding a new easel, the H frame style that will hold much larger canvases, and a full size sculpting stand. i'm a happy girl! :)

have i bored you yet with my musings about my studio and tools of the trade? nah! the other great find is containers, baskets galore that look just like PB baskets only a heck of a lot cheaper. i have many and one of the coolest studio cabinets i have is an 'inherited' Panama Jack sun care pine wood display cart on wheels. it has tons of shelves and houses many of my goodies. my latest find is a Dorm Storage Tower with an adjustable to 9' tension pole from BED BATH & Beyond ~ so cool and handy and it's black to match the black wrought iron on my drafting table and my black shelving.
i like things that coordinate (my inner designer requires this ;)

until next time...and please visit my last post for another new painting ~ see below.


wylde otse said...

thank you for a visit to an inner room.

Escapist said...

Interesting ..


Shadow said...

i love the depth in the painting, the texture, in your prarie storm...

~CJ said...

What an echanting studio :)

Looks like you have everything that you need to create your masterpieces.

I hope to start painting someday myself. It's hard to keep art supplies around my house with so many little aspiring 'artists' running around.

Chuck Dilmore said...

wow, Calli!
thank you for the little tour!
i love seeing where you work, your tools!

and i love the Prairie work... incredible!
the sky and the land are just lovely!

keep on rockin' it!

Cynthia said...

Great pictures, I love taking a
peek inside an artist's studio.
Good to read the passion you
feel, Calli.

Calli said...

Thanks so much all! You're all so wonderful and sweet. I do love my space to create, and I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to supplies. I suppose that's why I love the hardware store as much as an art store ;)...wait til my Lowe's opens up in town? they'll
have to erect a giant name tag for the aisles cuz they'll all be mine...LOL

I'm pleased with the 'Prairie Storm' feedback, thanks!...this is part of a long going 'emotive landscape' series that I paint between the figurative paintings.

Got to spice it up at times.

lots of love~