Sunday, September 6, 2009

in those moments...

in those moments
when you say my name
and look intensely into my eyes
caress the back of my neck

in those moments
when we laugh
when we slip our hands in each other's back pocket
we sway our hips side-to-side
as we look out at what scene lies before us

in those moments
when we breathe a little heavier
when you lace your fingers between mine
when your lips touch, ever so slightly
then pull back with a tease
when we embrace
and i can feel the beating of our hearts
the warmth
the anticipation
the oneness

in those moments
i am alive
i am passionate
i am more myself than ever before

in those moments
that we never want to end

we are...
we are...

in a


image source: moonlove


Expat From Hell said...

Calli - I want to tell you this, and I have been "camping" on it for a long time. I don't consider myself the most sexual of beings on this Earth, but your postings absolutely SIZZLE. It defies anything I've seen elsewhere. How do you do it? I sometimes have to gear up to be even READY to read what you've put down here. You are intimidating, but delightful. I hope you can appreciate the contrast. Unbelievably EXCELLENT work. I need to turn on the A/C.



Dulce said...

Oh my dear Calli,
I don't think I overestimate you if I say:
I don't think I would ever describe love in such a wonderful way.You miss no details and your choice of words... hmmm
Every time I read you it's like a sweet breeze on my face which makes me smile for I feel alluded and feel comfortable (that's not the best word to describe it perhaps...)and for having had the luck to find the great poet you are.
Sweet hug
from 'Sweetie' :)

Karen said...

Well, Calli - You really are the most romantic blog on the block! (and it looks like the guys are sizzling!) Congrats on creating moments that make us all glad we're alive!


Chuck Dilmore said...

totally, Calli!

SarahA said...

It only takes a moment *sigh* Beautifully told; you.

Shadow said...

you've captured some very desirable moments here dear calli!

Cynthia said...

Calli, you have a gift for combining the romantic and
sensual with the deep spirituality.

This poem is another testimony
to that, I guess you just have
the second understanding.