Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Song Maker
by Sara Teasdale

I MADE a hundred little songs
That told the joy and pain of love,
And sang them blithely, tho' I knew
No whit thereof.
I was a weaver deaf and blind;
A miracle was wrought for me,
But I have lost my skill to weave
Since I can see.
For while I sang -- ah swift and strange!
Love passed and touched me on the brow,
And I who made so many songs
Am silent now

*it seems I have grown tired of my own words
and so i take a little break from writing.
i hope to continue posting new paintings on
my art blog and also my art site. if i have
anything fresh & new to contribute, i will
certainly bring it here to post.
i will be visiting all of your pages, as time allows
because, i never tire of your words, your art
or your creativity!
much love~

image sourc: train+tracks++12216829046wbLIpG
* i so wish i knew the photographers name to credit this stunning photo properly.


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Calli, I'm happy you are doing what you need to do - I'm not so happy you will not be here as much. I will check out your art site. Be well.

Dulce said...

That's a real shame dear Calli. I hope inspiration comes back soon. Although I am experiencing a bit of the same thing... but do not feel tired, just it is not my TIME yet... (maybe next week?)
I hope also, you come by from time to time :)

Chuck Dilmore said...

whoa. Calli!
this is stunning!
and selfish of me feel this way.

you will find
what it is you need...
i know you!

please know we are here.
your flock.

peace&love~ Chuck

Steve E. said...

...and me too Calli. You deserve a break. Time for new freshness to permeate your head--although I never heard a reader complain --grin!

Rest! Did you know all really GOOD prayer begins with restful silence? At least for me, that's come to be truth.

Rest and pray for all us out here. Thank you, and....PEACE!

(There's "D" again...I think we're "following" each other, from one wonderful blog to the next --grin!)

Deb Kirkeeide said...

We will miss your words.
But stretching the creativity
in other ways helps to recharge.
And it is essential!
Happy painting and a joyful rest!

Shadow said...

enjoy your break. i'll miss your thoughts. you've left me with some lovely words to ponder though...

laughingwolf said...

take the time you need to recharge, calli... no point in burning yourself out!

Calli said...

Thank you so much, my flock, as Chuck so nicely put it. I like that!

You are all very generous and you will be missed between my visits to your pages. But, I will be here and there, I promise!

thank you~

SarahA said...

How can you tire of your own words? *sigh* I know what you mean though.We all need to recharge our batteries at times.It took me two months to recharge mine! Ha! Take care, you.

Alessandro said...

This photograph is amazing! I like the way you express yourself. Nice blog.