Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what lies before her...

what lies before her?

a fork in the road
...a right
a left...
turns, curves

does she diverge to that left
or to that right

or does she create her own new, fresh,
uncharted path?

she can
she has free-will
she has freedom to choose

will she choose him?
or another?
or her Self as the path...

selfish, no
at times she needs to make herself priority
she needs to tread lightly
yet have in the present moment
a shining glimmer of hope
for her beautiful future.
she knows that manifesting
takes time.
she knows the beauty of
what she experiences in the present
was created in her past.

it's only getting better!
she is making sure of that.

she works with the Divine
in creating her existence

she desires love.
love is what she is made of
she wants to share that
she will share that
she can wait
she knows that when the
soul wants
the soul waits...

she will have everything
she needs
when the time is right

she has that power
to create

it's in her hands
and create she will...


image source: What Lies Before Her ~ (older) painting by Calli


Steve E. said...

...and create she DOES! And beautifully so...


Shadow said...

and once she has created her own existance, will she know which of the two she will choose... not selfish, but necessary. a definate favourite this one is!!!

Dulce said...

Let me tell you this. I find it harder and harder to write the appropriate words to describe what you make me feel every time I read you. Perhaps we are twin souls...I don't know, but the way those words touch me... I am an amateur while you are a Goddess Poet...
Thank you- again.

Chuck Dilmore said...

i don't recall this painting,
but i love it, Calli!

very beautiful!

and how incredible
that so many
find you to be
a kindred soul... that's a lovely tribute to you!

peace~ Chuck

wylde otse said...

It occurs to me that not only is your painting art, but likewise your blogs; skillfully constructed; you - giving of the best of yourself to the world; indeed, yourself - in your paintings.

I am not of such skillful art nor polish, yet do not envy any, nor am I jealous of those who have attained well deserved (or been gifted) heights.

Because your work is a reflection of the world you see (particularly in a mirror) you make me think of who or what we really are. Yet also you touch and reach out to relationships...albeit somewhat idealized (we do not all find ourselves to possess the conventionally perfect body or face).

Beyond appearance and form, I believe the essential substance of existence is love - that 'currency' to which all others currencies eventually aspire to convert into.

Your art, and Chuck Dilmore's last comment here, brought to mind the way we are knowingly, or unknowingly, may all be kindred souls...of course there are many types of relationships.

One idealized version of that - between woman and man, came to me in a mystic insight some time ago, and so I put it (rather clumsily) on my
[entry for May 9 2009 - 'Autumn: City Park: Meeting at Noon']